Our friends at Micro Scooters have worked with bio-mechanists BryteSpark to study how children move. When young children play deliberately, they are learning how to move their bodies in a way that will help their future development.

It has been proven that if young children have a healthy relationship with movement in their formative years, they are more likely to grow up to have a healthier relationship with exercise when they are older.

The findings from the Micro Scooters/BryteSpark research project have resulted in a scheme called Play for Life.

What is Play for Life?

Play for Life is a hands-on guide to help parents encourage their children to become expert movers. The guide consists of games that parents can play with their children, which have been specifically designed to encourage certain movement milestones. They help children develop their balance, coordination, spatial awareness, core strength, control and independence.

If a young child builds these skills in early life then they are likely to feel more confident trying new physical exercises when they’re older, setting a pattern for a healthy relationship with exercise.

Games to play with your toddler


Objective: To help turn wobbly walkers into confident striders

How to play:

  1. The adult holds a toy/ball/cushion across the other side of the room from where the little one is waiting with their scooter and encourages the little one to scoot across to grab it.
  2. Provide lots of noise, praise and movement to keep the child’s attention on the objective. The child will be subconsciously honing their movement skills as they scoot to manoeuvre across the room.

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Objective: To help develop balance and coordination

How to play:

  1. The adult lays out the helmet in front of the child next to the scooter.
  2. On the order of ‘Get’, the child picks up the helmet and puts it on.
  3. On the order of ‘Set’, the child gets onto their scooter.
  4. On the order of ‘Go!’, the child scoots across the room toward the waiting adult who congratulates them with a big hug!

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Objective: To help turn confident walkers into runners with purpose

How to play:

  1. The adult stands in front of the child, who is standing with one leg on the scooter.
  2. The child has to copy exactly what the adult is doing.
  3. The adult stands with their weight on one leg, with the other leg out to the side, touching the floor. So the child has one leg on the scooter, the other leg on the floor.
  4. The adult shouts the command, “Step on!” and puts the leg that was touching the floor directly in front of the other foot. So the child takes their leg from the floor and balances both feet on the scooter.
  5. The adult shouts the command, “Step off!”, transfers their weight to the new leg and moves the other leg to the side, touching the floor. So the child transfers their weight to their new leg and puts their other leg onto the floor.
  6. Once the child is confident, this game can advance to doing the movement while gently scooting forward.

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Objective: To help develop balance, cognitive challenge, muscle development and core strength

How to play:

  1. The ‘leader’ calls out a body part and the children have to scoot without moving that part (i.e they shout “right knee” and they aren’t allowed to bend the right knee or “left elbow” and they have to keep their left arm straight for 5 seconds).
  2. Body part choices: knees, hips, back, elbow, head and shoulders.

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Objective: To help confident walkers become improved decision-makers and confident communicators

How to play:

  1. Take a pack of cards.
  2. Each suit has a specific task. Hearts: scoot in a circle. Diamonds: scoot with the left foot. Spades: scoot with right foot. Clubs: push off and balance with both feet on the scooter board and bended knees.
  3. When you choose a card, the number dictates the amount of times the child has to do the task (e.g: 7 of hearts = Scoot in a circle 7 times).

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We hope you and your family enjoy these Play for Life games! The fun never ends, and you can discover  more games here.

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