Whether you’re just getting into cycling or dusting off your bike to switch to a healthy mode of transport, here are our top cycling essentials to get you ready to take life by the handlebars.

  1. Bikehut D-Lock

A bike lock is an absolute essential for new cyclists, and whether you’re just leaving it for the day whilst at work or just nipping into a shop, this 23″ Bikehut lock is perfect. It comes with 2 keys and uses a Spring Free Locking System to make sure it doesn’t jam!

2. Halfords Rechargeable Bike Lights 

Batteries are so last year! Spice up your lights with this rechargeable set; they recharge by USB and feature high, low and flashing modes. On flashing mode, the front light has a run time of 8 hours and the rear 5 – more than enough time to get you home, even in rush hour!

3. Bikehut High Pressure High Volume Bike Pump

No one wants to feel flat, especially not your tyres! Make sure you’re ready for anything with this Bikehut pump. This pump can be switched between high pressure of high volume to inflate bigger tyres rapidly if needs be. It comes with a smart head fitting which fits both types (Presta and Schrader) valves without fiddling. An absolute must for new cyclists.

4. Elite Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is important on every ride, and the Elite Corsa Water Bottle is a great choice for quenching your thirst when out on your new bike. This good-looking bottle is enhanced by a soft, squeezy design, a leak-proof cap, and a push-pull nozzle for all your hydration needs. It’s also 100% biodegradable, dishwasher safe, and free of BPA’s!

5.  Ridge Medium Wedge Bag

Let us take the weight off your shoulders! If you’re a new cyclist, bypass the backpack and carry your essentials in this Ridge Saddle Bag. The bags universal strap means it’s able to attach to most saddles, and a reflective trim around the zips makes it handy for riding in the dark.

6. Ridge All Terrain Pro Helmet

Perhaps the most important accessory – make sure you don’t set off for a ride without a helmet. This helmet has a sleek moulded shell to protect your most valuable asset! With its 21 vents and adjustable fit you can guarantee the perfect fit every time. When you’re looking for comfort and style this fits the bill at a great price.

7.  Muc-Off Wash, Protect and Lube Kit

You never know where your journey might take you, but the Muc-Off Wash, Protect, and Lube Kit comes with the three steps needed to keep your bike in tip-top shape. Start off with Muc-Off’s famous Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, to get rid of obvious dirt. Next, grab the MO-94 bike maintenance spray to quickly disperse moisture and prevent dirt adhesion. Finally, finish off with the Wet Lube to get those silky smooth gear changes. When used together, these three musketeers will transform your bike.

Don’t forget to share your snaps with us whilst out and about showing off your new wheels!


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