Love cycling? Then you won’t want to fall behind the pack when it comes to cycle tech and equipment.

Including things to make you look more stylish, ride safer and add a new gear to your cycling exploits, here are some of the best items available to buy from Halfords now.

Stay safe

Do you consider a bike helmet as a piece of cycling equipment? Think again.

Livall MTL Bluetooth Enabled Smart Helmet

The Livall MTL has taken an important piece of safety equipment and revolutionised it.

With innovative LED indicator turn signal lighting, you can simply press the remote on your handlebars to let drivers know where you will be going. This is a much safer alternative to raising your arm left or right.

The Livall MTL bike helmet also has an SOS alert feature which instantly sends an SMS to your emergency contact if the G-sensors notice any unusual movements or a sudden lack of movement.

Exclusive to Halfords, this helmet is one of the smartest and safest pieces of cycling tech on the market.


If you’re keen to get out and explore on your bike a Cycle GPS from Garmin is an essential piece of kit. As the market leaders, they have two types of navigation, breadcrumb mapping and full bike specific turn by turn navigation.

Garmin Edge 25 GPS Cycle Computer

The 25 is the entry-level model to Garmin GPS. It features “breadcrumb” mapping which shows you the direction you need to go but doesn’t give you instructions or show your route on a map.

It’s the smallest GPS from the Garmin range, making it easily transportable and an ideal introduction for cyclists who want to take their cycling adventures to a new gear or two.

Garmin Edge 820 GPS Cycle Computer

The Garmin Edge 820 GPS Cycle Computer can map out routes, clock your speed and show you the live in-ride Strava segments so you can push yourself to hit the top of the leaderboard.

And that’s not all. The sensors allow you to keep tabs on your heart rate, while the GroupTrack feature will give you the chance to monitor where your nearest competitor is so you can continue pushing yourself.

Simply attach the Garmin Edge to your bike handlebars and off you go!

Fitness and performance

Looking to go the extra mile in your fitness regime? Pushing your body to the next level often requires an in-depth analysis of your performance. That’s where these pieces of cycling technology come in.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch

This piece of cycling equipment blows most other pieces of tech out of the water. From tracking workouts to monitoring your heart rate, fitness age and personal goals, it’s the best way to keep tabs on your progress while on the go.

What’s more, you can even make simple mobile payments via GarminPay, so there’s no need to bring your wallet when you stop off for a mid-ride spot of breakfast at the café.

The Side Swipe interface allows you to quickly scroll through the menu – even in the pouring rain.

If you need to let your mates know that you’re running behind, you can send automated text messages on it as well.

Polar H0 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor

This handy piece of cycling technology offers you an accurate measurement of your heart rate during exercise.

You can then broadcast the results to fitness apps on your phone to see your heart rate in real time.

Training for a triathlon? You can even wear this chest strap in the water too!

Garmin Edge 1030

Preparing for a race or time trial? Or simply want to take your fitness to a new level? The Edge 1030 is Garmin’s premium piece of kit, featuring a raft of advanced performance metrics like a detailed power analysis of your ride.

You can also connect it to the TrainingPeaks app to bring your workouts from your coach directly to this piece of cycling equipment.

The Strava Live Segments feature allows you to challenge yourself and push your body further, while the LiveTrack and GroupTrack function mean your loved ones can monitor your progress in races.

And if that wasn’t enough, it will also send a direct message to an emergency contact via incident detection if you’re ever in an accident.

Relive your ride

Embarking on an epic ride with beautiful landscapes and rugged terrain? Then make sure you’re able to relive it again with a GoPro.

GoPro Hero5 Session Camera

This particular model will film all your amazing cycling adventures in 4K quality. Easily attach it to your helmet or handlebars and use simple voice commands to make sure the camera captures all the best views.

It’s also waterproof to 33ft (10m) too. So you can jump into the lake for a swim after a long ride and record every stroke.

Not sure if you need to replace your current cycling equipment or tech? Then take a look at our step by step guide here.