With the rising number of ‘crash for cash’ accidents and incidents on the road, dash cams are becoming increasingly popular. Recording at all times during motion, a dash cam captures every second of your journey, including those sticky situations you’d rather avoid. Whilst a dash cam can’t regulate the traffic or prevent accidents, it does act an extra pair of eyes on the road at all times! Have a look at some of the shocking moments dash cams have recorded here!

Whether you’ve got a dash cam already or are thinking of investing in one, read on to learn more about dash cam footage and how it could help you.

Dash cam footage and insurance claims

Having video evidence of an incident can really give you added peace of mind out on the roads. But who accepts dash cam footage if you do need to make a claim? Nextbase carried out some research, and found that 29 of the UK’s leading insurers confirmed they’d accept dash cam footage as part of a claim. Handy to know!

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Save some pennies!

Some insurers even offer a 12.5% discount on car insurance policies for new customers who have a Nextbase dash cam. This is because dash cams provide valuable evidence which can help settle claims more quickly – as well as reducing fraud by ‘crash for cash’ drivers!

Dash cam recording: What to remember

Here are a few things to think about if you’ve got a dash cam already (or are thinking of getting one soon!):

  • Whatever you do, don’t forget to switch your dash cam on! If you get your dash cam professionally fitted at Halfords then it’ll turn on automatically when you turn on the ignition – great if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything!
  • Even if you have a dash cam, it’s important that you still remember to collect other evidence as well in the event of a claim (like the details of any bystanders or motorists who might have seen the accident).Nextbase 402G Software Image
  • Make sure you choose a dash cam which records quality footage. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out that footage can’t be used because it doesn’t show a number plate or road sign clearly enough!
  • Think about how well the dash cam will record at night as well, as this is when most accidents occur. Dash cams with high quality lenses and sensors (such as Nextbase dash cams) record clearly both during the day and at night – check out our buyers guide to learn more.

dash cam fitting at Halfords

Dash cams at Halfords

There are plenty of other dash cam features (such as in-built GPS and G sensors) which can be really useful for making sure recordings are kept safe, as well as providing extra evidence of location and other details. Take a look at our guide to dash cams here to find out more.

So, ready to invest in a dash cam for your car? Browse our range of dash cams to find the right one for you!