Getting to school by scooter has become more popular with the children, especially those not yet able to cycle. Whilst not only encouraging active travel from an early age, it also develops skills such as steering, stopping and balance.

As well as being fun it’s also a great form of exercise! Scooting to and from school contributes towards their recommended hour of physical activity each day, allowing them to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When getting the kids involved with scooting to school, there are a few things to ensure they know and consider:

  1. Always wear a helmet – The helmet should be in good order, no frayed or broken straps and doesn’t wobble when fitted
  2. Be seen – A high vis jacket should be worn at all times whilst commuting
  3. Be aware – earphones should never be worn whilst riding the scooter
  4. Scoot on the inside of the payment and not on the edge near the road
  5. Be polite – make sure when riding up behind people they know to say excuse me
  6. Don’t rush – even if they’re late for class, it’s important they don’t scoot past people too fast
  7. Get off before you cross – When using a road crossing, they should stop and get off their scooter, and carry it across the road
  8. Don’t balance anything on the handlebars – this could make it unsafe

Now that you’re all clued up on the do’s and don’ts, here are few fun facts you might not know about scooters:

  • 47% of families walk or scoot to school in the UK
  • A 1-mile scoot to school and back every day can save you nearly £200 in car running costs.
  • If you lined up all the scooters taken on the school run each year, they would go around the world.

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