Planning on hitting the road soon? Wherever it is you may be heading, however near or far, time spent in the car should be as enjoyable as possible! So we’ve got behind the wheel and taken our steer on the best tech to make those journeys well worth taking.

Let’s start in the driver’s seat. Whilst we can’t promise there’ll be no chorus of ‘are we there yets‘ and not-so-subtle side-wards glances which say ‘you’ve gone the wrong way‘, we can help to make your time behind the wheel a lot less stressful. You might think you can conquer each little corner of the country with your mobile device and a GPS app, but did you know there’s so much more to a sat nav than meets the eye? For example, Garmin’s Drive Series boasts a whole host of exciting features! It doesn’t just start and end with A-B; the latest models even includes TripAdvisor hotspots for the journeys where a service station pit-stop just doesn’t cut it.

Travelling alone? Staying connected isn’t always at the front of your mind, especially if you’re away on business. Now it’s easy to stay charged on the go, so those precious family phone calls don’t go amiss. Choose from our wide range of power banks and keep home close despite the miles.

If you prefer to take the laid back (literally) approach and are most often found reclining in the passenger seat, chances are you’ll be in charge of music! We’re not just talking FM/AM here, take your in car entertainment up a notch and way beyond any glove-box golden oldies! With the Apple Car Play system, CDs take a back seat as you come to enjoy a more personalised listening experience. Whether it’s nursery rhymes or hip-hop grime, tailor each journey just to your liking!

How about those backseat drivers? More commonly known as, children. When eye spy has reached its full capacity (let’s give it five to ten minutes), those journeys can seem never ending! Put a smile on their face and avoid any arguments with Nextbase Car Dual Portable DVD Players. No agreement, no problem? Have separate movies on each screen, or link them up and let them share the fun.

So you’ve got a car packed full to bursting with the top tech to see you through those long miles, but we can’t always predict what’s just around the corner. Dash cams have come to save the day in many a sticky situation, and these handy little devices have got your back at all times. Whilst recording a clear stream of footage, some models will even let you know what’s going on ahead of you, including any incident warnings.

Shop our full range of tech here. What can’t you live without when you’re on the road?