If you’re going to be travelling with your kids this winter, they’re probably going to be wrapped up all snuggly in a coat.

However, did you know that if your child is wearing a coat, it can mean that the child seat’s harness will not work as it should in the event of an accident?

Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your little one safe and sound in their car seat when they have a winter coat on.

What happens if they aren’t securely fastened in a kids car seat?

When your kids are wearing their big, puffy winter coats or have blankets on them, the extra bulk can mean that the harness of the kid’s car seat doesn’t hold them properly in place.

This means that if you’re in an accident, their body will move around too before the harness is able to restrain them, leading to unnecessary injuries.

Always get your car seat fitted

When you buy a new kids car seat, always fit it properly to make sure that your little nipper will remain safe and secure.

During the fitting process, always remove any winter coats or puffy clothing so that you can get a true indication of how much room you need to fasten them correctly.

It’s also essential to check to see if the child’s harness is the correct height and tension to accommodate their winter clothing.

Ideally, the harness should be as close and as comfortable as possible to the child’s body at all times, so that it can work properly and keep them secure.

What about newborn babies?

When it comes to newborn babies under four weeks, the NHS revealed that you should try to avoid taking them on car journeys that exceed 30 minutes as it can restrict their breathing.

If you’re driving further afield, always use an approved rearward-facing baby seat that’s fitted properly.

How do they keep warm without a coat on?

Normally, wearing a winter coat means your little one gets too warm once the car has warmed up, and if it’s on under that harness, they can’t take it off!

So if it’s really cold and you want to keep it on them before the car warms up, you can always put their coat or a blanket over the top of the car seat and harness once they’re secure. That way, they’ll be able to push it off when the car has warmed up.

So there you have it – a simple change that can help make sure that your little one is safe in their car seat over the winter! To take a look at our great range of kids car seats, head over to our site.

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