You might be starting to notice a chill in the air first thing in the morning or as the nights draw in, but with a bit of wrapping up and a sense of adventure, you can still get the most from these autumn days with your kids.

Here’s how…

Make belief

Sowing the seed with a promise of excitement tends to keep kids looking forward to different activities, so a good idea is to mention plans in the days/hours leading up to them.

Why not use our interactive map to find the perfect spot near you for a half term camping trip or weekend cycle ride? Find out a bit of history or look into any folklore surrounding your chosen place, and keep the kids engaged by developing the story whilst you’re there! For example, reading up on Robin Hood ahead of a jaunt to Sherwood Forest will help to bring their imagination to life once you’re there.

Scavenger Hunt

Little legs tire quicker than us grown-ups, so whether it’s a bike ride or a nature walk, planning stops every so often whilst keeping their minds busy is a great way to break up the ride. Get them collecting everything from leaves to pine cones and create a fun autumn collage once you’re home!

Get friends involved

You might not always agree with the more the merrier when it comes to an outing with children, but chances are they’ll entertain themselves and have plenty to talk about along the way, so all you have to worry about is getting them from A to B.

Trial a trail

Heading somewhere quiet? Although they might be used to cycling outside the house or to and from school, it’s such a different experience to enjoy the freedom of the open road! Find a well-lit trail where the terrain isn’t too testing, and let them give it a go! We have a great range of Mountain Bikes so that they look and feel the part, then it’s over to you for the fun bit…


Picnics are for life, not just for summer! With a blanket, a cool-box and a couple of chairs you can’t go far wrong, and with the autumn sunlight dappling the leaves in your local parks, you don’t have to go far for a little family fun. Find everything you need for guaranteed picnic success here.

Pitch up

It’s not too late to pack the sleeping bags and pitch up for a night under the stars. Autumn often blesses us with beautiful clear evenings, perfect for some constellation spotting! Although you’re in for a chillier stay during these months, you’ll find everything you need to stay cosy and warm here. If you’re not up for a full night why not set up before sunset and enjoy a hot choccy before nightfall, then back in for normal bedtime routine.

What are your favourite autumn activities for kids? Share them with us in the comments below!


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