Most of us have been there. You’re driving along when all of a sudden you see something come spinning towards you out of the corner of your eye. If you’re unlucky, you’re left with a chip in your windscreen.

A windscreen chip is at best distracting, at worst dangerous. It’s best to get it sorted right away, as over time chips can grow to become irreparable or turn into cracks. That’s where Halfords and our national Windscreen Chip Repair Service comes in!

Going through your insurance company can take a while, and often the cost of the repair is less than your excess, so you won’t save anything.

For £30, we’ll repair your chipped windscreen for you. On average it takes about 20 minutes, so you can wait whilst we do it and we’ll have you back on the road with a clear windscreen as soon as possible.

Chips are repaired by filling the hole with a clear resin that’s similar to glass. The damage won’t disappear completely, but it’ll be much less visible and will also be smooth to the touch.

There are some rules around where on your vehicle we can repair damage and what size we can repair. If you’re unsure, just pop into one of our shops and we can take a look for you.

We recommend booking, so you can either phone or visit your local store to find a time that’s convenient for you.

We have a list of stores that provide the service at this link.

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