You’re probably aware of dash cams (or in-car cameras) by now. But why are they popular? And what do they do?

Here are our top 5 reasons for getting a dash cam.

  1. Record accidents and bad driving


Let’s take a look at the most obvious reason first. A dash cam will record any accident so you have some evidence to prove that it wasn’t your fault. All in all, they can give you a peace of mind and save you a big headache if the worst happens.

  1. Cheaper insurance premiums

Ok, this isn’t always a guarantee. However, insurers are starting to wise up about dash cams, and how they can save both you (and them) a lot of money.

Research shows that more insurance providers are accepting dash cam footage in the claims process. Even better, some insurers are now offering reduced premiums to drivers who use dash cams!

  1. Safer parking


Obviously, a dash cam isn’t going to stop anybody from damaging your parked car. If you use one that’s powered on all the time, then at least you’ll have some evidence in the event of a hit and run or vandalism. It can make the ordeal much less painful, and help you to claim back for the damage caused.

  1. You can share videos from your adventures!

It’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to dash cams. They’re there to help keep you out of trouble, but you can also use them to save any wacky things you might see out on the road. Just look at the footage of the Russian meteor or any of the other weird and wonderful dash cam videos that have gone viral. You could be the next online sensation!

  1. Dash cams can make you a better driver


This one’s a bit more left field. We hope you’re a safe and sensible driver anyway, but have you ever noticed that when you have a passenger, you’re much smoother on the controls and generally a more considerate driver all-round?

Having a dash cam in the car can have a similar effect, because you don’t want to look bad if you have to record something! We’re not guaranteeing that your mpg will go up and your service costs will go down, but you never know.

Fancy learning a bit more about dash cams? Take a quick look at our buyer’s guide to dash cams here. And remember – we can also hardwire your dash cam into your car to keep things nice and neat.

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