We’ve always had tricky weather conditions to contend with in the U.K. when it comes to looking after our cars. And, it doesn’t look like our unpredictable climate is about to change.

So, what can you do to protect your vehicle if you don’t have the luxury of a garage to do the job for you?

Whether you’ve got an older car that needs some extra TLC or a shiny new set of wheels, sometimes your pride of joy needs shielding from all of nature’s forces!

We’ve been taking a look at all the benefits of using a car cover or car cap. Here are just some of the reasons why we think they make a great investment.

Keep your motor dry

Let’s face it, we get a lot of rain. We’re experts in damp, drenched and soggy. We don’t do so well if we’re left out in the rain and neither do our cars. Repeated saturation can affect the paintwork and water can start to leak inside older vehicles where the welding is deteriorating. Investing in a waterproof or shower resistant car cover will help minimise the damage that our rubbish weather causes.

Cover up and protect from the sun

Over a period of time, the sun can cause a lot of damage to the paintwork of your car. It can cause cracking and peeling in the paint finish or unsightly dulling of the colour in certain places. And the materials used in the interior can be affected in the same way. A car cover will protect your car from all that UV damage. Just like your t-shirt would have done that time in Tenerife when you came home with more of a peel than a tan

Don’t be sappy

You thought it was a clever idea to park under that tree for some added protection until you found the car covered in sap and pollen the next day. That stuff can travel too, you don’t necessarily need to be parked directly under a tree. A car cover will solve this problem and if you’ve got any allergies in the family you might find those improve too.

Say goodbye to bird blessings

When you find yourself having to wash your car for the third time in one week because your car is being favoured by your local winged community, it might be time to consider a car cover. The problem is, you can’t leave bird droppings on your car for too long as it quickly damages the paintwork. So, rather than find yourself at the car wash AGAIN, a car cover will do all the work for you and keep your exterior free from any unwelcome…gifts.

Avoid the frost factor

A car cap is a great way of protecting your car over a frosty night and morning. You’ll feel so delighted and dare we say it, smug, when your day doesn’t have to start with a laborious windscreen scrape and de-icing routine. Just peel the car cap off and you’re good to go. The neighbours will be so envious! Small pleasures…

Deter thieves

Research shows that a thief doesn’t spend more than approximately two minutes trying to steal a car. Any longer and they move on. So anything that’s going to make the job harder for them can only be a good thing. With a car cover on your car, the thief doesn’t know what the make is or what’s in it so that’s extra time added to their process already, before they even try and remove it. Chances are they won’t bother and will look for an easier and safer bet.

Safeguard from human error

Even if it’s not deliberate, little bumps while walking past, shopping bags or keys knocking against the paintwork of your car can all be prevented by car covers. We can be clumsy as humans and even though it’s not intentional, it’s still annoying and could cost you money. Invest in a car cover rather than have to shell out on repairs further down the line.

Victory from vandalism

Wrapping your car in a car cover could stop an opportunistic ‘keying’ down the side or across the bonnet of your car. And the great thing is that a car cover envelopes all the features that are tempting to vandals – mirrors, tyres, windows, embellishments are all hidden. It’s far too much effort. Unfortunately, someone else on the street is going to wish they’d done what you did.

Keep your car cool in the summer and frost-free in the winter with one of our car covers or car caps. We’ve got different sizes for different vehicles including waterproof and shower resistant options.

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