Ever get out of the car feeling achey? It might not even have been a long trip, but driving with your posture offset can leave you feeling rubbish! Read on for our top tips on ‘sitting comfortably’.

1) Your bottom should be aligned with the backrest in order for your spine to achieve its’ ‘natural shape’. By sitting this way, you’ll get a gentle curve near the bottom of your back and your shoulders shouldn’t feel hunched.

2) Rest your shoulders as close as possible to the backrest, and make sure the steering wheel is within easy reach with your elbows slightly bent. Test this out, and if your shoulders leave contact with the backrest whilst using the wheel then readjust.

3) By sitting in the middle of the seat, your thighs should rest comfortably within the confines of the seat and your weight evenly distributed.

4) If you can use the pedals comfortably without feeling a stretch in your legs, you shouldn’t need to adjust your seat. If they’re extended or squashed, adjust accordingly whether forward or backwards.

5) Make sure there’s a couple of inches between the edge of your car seat and where the backs of your knees rest. If the seat presses unevenly against your legs try and adjust so that it feels comfortable.

6) The backrest of the car seat should ideally stop at about your shoulder height, while the headrest is positioned just behind your head to support your neck.

7) Set your mirrors to ensure you have a 180 degree view behind you whilst in this position. In this way, you’ll get a visual cue when your body slips into a bad position and you find that you’re unable to view your mirrors.

8) Have a rest after driving. Take a few minutes to stretch everything out if you’ve travelled far. This gives your body some time to recover, especially if you’ve got things to unload from the car once you’ve stopped.

We hope this helps! Happy road trips!