A dash cam can be a great way to save money on insurance, prevent theft, and prove your innocence in a crash, helping you to avoid any costly repairs or claims.

However, getting the device installed into your car can be tricky, with lots of wires and complicated connections to contend with. So, if you’d rather let the experts handle the hard work, why not book a fitting at Halfords?

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your dash cam installed.

Where should I fit my dash cam?

Most dash cams plug into the 12V power outlet of your car and are attached to the windscreen using a suction cup.

Simple enough, but it’s important to think about where on your windscreen your dash cam should go. The camera needs to sit somewhere where it won’t obscure your view, but still has a clear view of the road ahead.

The best place to put a dash cam in most cars is behind the rear-view mirror. It’ll be able to capture footage of the entire road, without impacting your own view.

If your dash cam has a screen, this should be facing towards you. Some prefer to have this turned on while driving, while others leave it off. If you find the screen in any way distracting, we’d advise you to turn it off.

Rear-facing dash cams

For that extra coverage, you can also get a rear-facing dash cam. Not only does it act as an extra deterrent, but it’ll also give you a clear view of any rear accidents and bumps.

These cameras can usually be found in a dash cam bundle, but can be bought separately too. They can attach to the front-facing dash cam or can be fitted to the back window, and they’re a great way to get extra footage and that added security.

Halfords dash cam fitting service

Once you’ve got your dash cam, it’s time to deal with the wiring.

Here at Halfords, we can hardwire your dash cam into your car for you. This means that the cable is kept out of the way, and the camera will turn on automatically as soon as you turn on your car’s ignition. There are no dangling wires, and you can be reassured that your dash cam is always keeping an eye out in case anything happens.

It also means that your 12V socket is freed up for charging other devices like your sat nav or phone. It’s a stress-free way to get your dash cam installed, without having to wrestle with cables!

Halfords Mobile Experts

As if that wasn’t convenient enough, we even offer a mobile fitting service.

Through our Mobile Expert Service, one of our trained technicians can meet you at home or at your workplace, so you don’t have to worry about getting your car to a store. Next-day fittings are available, and you can even book the service 7 days a week.

Discover which cameras are eligible for mobile fitting here.

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Getting a dash cam fitted has never been easier! To discover our full range of dash cams, head over to Halfords.com. For more tech advice, visit our advice and help centre.

Remember, if you want your dash cam professionally fitted, you want Halfords.