As the country edges closer to 19 July, where it’s hoped current covid restrictions will be lifted, more and more workers are likely to be called back to the office following many months of at-home working.

One in three workers (33%) say they’re reluctant to commute by public transport due to fears linked to the ongoing pandemic. However, long journeys, hilly journeys and the prospect of arriving at work exhausted make cycling an unattractive prospect for millions of people.

We believe that e-bikes, or electric bikes, are the answer. Thanks to the assistance that their batteries and motors provide, they can help commuters to overcome these problems and play a critical role in getting the UK back to work safely and comfortably.

As part of our Bike Back Better campaign, we’ve identified the 10 toughest places to live for cycling commuters to show where people could really benefit from some e-assistance. They include Muswell Hill in North London, Totterdown in Bristol and Leith in Edinburgh, all of which entail a long uphill slog at the beginning or the end of the working day. Check out the infographic below for full details of these 10 tricky routes.