Ahh the great outdoors. Blessed with lush landscapes and (mostly) mild summers, we’re lucky to live in a place where, when summer beckons, we embrace it with open arms.

Whether it’s a family adventure, a solo cycle, or a hand in hand stroll off the beaten track, the muddiest of soles are often a sign of the happiest hearts! But whilst the memories will stick, now the muck doesn’t have to with the Karcher OC3 Portable Cleaner! From paws to pedals and pushchairs, the OC3 is a simple and lightweight solution for cleaning on the go.


Loading up the bike rack just got easier. Forgo the filthy hands that come with loading your bike after a long day on the saddle. Whether you’ve mastered an assault on the trails winding deep into a forest or enjoyed a few leisurely laps of a local route, simply store this compact pressure washer in the boot of your car or tuck it up in the garage for when you return. With a 4-litre water tank and a 5 bar pressure, you’ll blast away the signs of a great ride in no time! The OC3 is battery powered so there’ll be no scrambling for a plug socket when you’re out in the sticks, just turn it on and enjoy returning home with a sparkling set of wheels!

Used this little machine it’s awesome. Used it to clean the electric mountain bikes as well, no complaints at all, take it everywhere now..!


Prefer to explore on two feet rather than two wheels? Laces caked in mud and soles hidden in sludge are no mean feat for the OC3. No need to double up on carrier bags when you could simply spray away the filthy souvenirs you would rather have left behind!

This is ideal after coming back from a walk over the fields. Excellent for taking in the car. Standard high quality from Karcher as expected. I recommend this product!

Mucky Pups

Who better to take on your adventure than man’s best friend? Satisfied with carrying a stick and who won’t steal your trail mix, a dog is a perfect companion for those long days getting lost outdoors. That’s not to say your furry friend won’t pick up any muck along the way, but with the OC3 there’s no need to worry about dirtying your car with pooches paws! Chances are you’ll end up getting your wellies shining too with the ultimate tool in multi-purpose cleaning…

Bought this to clean the dog after muddy walks. cleaned all the mud off him perfectly. then I cleaned my wellies. After I got home cleaned the bikes and the car then the patio furniture. Best tool I have bought in ages.

Little wheels

Sometimes adventures with the little ones take you off the beaten track, whether intentionally or not! It might be that they’re not quite steady on their feet, or it could be that you’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up stuck in the foliage rather than feet up in the park cafe. When it comes to getting in the car, there’s enough to worry about with sticky fingers and are we there yets! Turn it on and take the pressure off keeping the car clean with the OC3.

Because it’s always with us, it’s used on wet mud so it rinses off immediately and everything is stored clean. Love it.

Outdoor Living

Thanks to the rechargeable battery, you can use the OC3 plenty of times before needing to plug it back in again. This makes it a handy little device to use outdoors, whether it’s blasting off the grill for a last-minute BBQ, or for those awkward little jobs that you can’t quite get to with a pressure washer from the wider Karcher range.

Makes light work of what was a tedious job, especially when it’s not always possible to use the outside tap. I’m planning to use it most days, and all the jobs for which the jet from a standard pressure washer is just that little bit too powerful.

Whether it’s farm or field, park or patio, for a little TLC just add the Karcher OC3 Portable Cleaner! Tell us where you’d take yours in the comments below.


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