From regular maintenance costs to soaring fuel prices, we know that running a car can be expensive, particularly amid the cost-of-living crisis. If you’re looking to save money on your car servicing, maintenance, and MOT costs, making the most of your Halfords Motoring Club membership is a great place to start.

With your range of benefits and exclusive member discounts, you can start saving money on your motoring costs immediately. Discover how you can reduce your car servicing, maintenance, and MOT expenses with your Motoring Club membership today!

Save money on MOTs

We understand that MOTs are a costly, but essential expense right now, but as a Motoring Club member, you will benefit from substantial savings straight away and be able to better prepare for future expenses. Premium Motoring Club members get their MOT absolutely free (worth £44.99) while free members receive £10 off their MOT.

You’ll also get an MOT due date reminder, so you can be prepared, plan your finances in advance, and ensure that your car is on the right track.

Save money on car servicing

It’s essential to regularly service your vehicle to ensure everything is in full working order. However, we understand that regular servicing means spending more money. To help with your servicing costs, premium Halfords Motoring Club members can use their 5% discount on our motoring products and services online, in-store, in our Autocentres, or with Halfords Mobile Expert.

Free members can also make instant savings with their £5 welcome voucher (£30 minimum spend) which can be used towards servicing and maintenance costs spent online, in-store, in our Autocentres, or with Halfords Mobile Expert. If you’re currently a free Motoring Club member, you can upgrade to a premium membership today and get a £10 welcome voucher for even greater savings.

Save money on car maintenance

If you want peace of mind that your car is in top condition, premium members can use their 2 free 10-point car checks a year (worth £30) while free members can take advantage of 1 free check (worth £15).

The free 10-point car check covers a range of inspections completed by one of our experts, including everything from battery health to tyre checks.

Additionally, premium members can save even further with 1 free fitting on bulbs, blades, and batteries when purchased in one of our stores for ultimate convenience.

All our Halfords Motoring Club members receive regular exclusive offers and member discounts throughout the year to ensure you get the best possible value to keep your car on the road so, remember to keep checking your inbox!

Premium members can also take advantage of free next-day delivery on online orders, so there’s no waiting around for those motoring essentials.

And there you have all the ways you can save on your motoring costs by making the most of your Halfords Motoring Club membership. If you’re thinking of upgrading your free membership to premium, head on over to our dedicated Halfords Motoring Club page where you can see all the benefits at a glance.

Premium membership costs just £4.99 a month or £49 for the year, with savings worth over £100.

For even further ways to save money on your car servicing, maintenance, and MOT costs, take a look at our blog on Money Saving Tips for Motorists.

If you want to make big savings on your motoring costs this year, you want Halfords.