Doing your bit for the environment whilst taking the weight off your purse strings sound good? We reckon so. Here are our top tips!

  1. Inflate mate

Underinflated tyres can increase a car’s fuel consumption by as much as 6%

Keeping your tyres inflated might not seem like a big task, but the payback you get from simply pumping your tyres could save you just under a fiver every time you fill up. Check them regularly and make the most of your fuel station amenities!

2. TLC is key

A well looked-after car is likely to be much more economical than one that is poorly maintained. Quick wins like keeping your oil topped up and then making sure you book it in for an annual service will see you right on the road.

3. Smooth operator

We all have busy lives, and when you’re sat in rush-hour it’s not always easy to stay cool, calm and collected! When you can, try and embrace these three things to reduce fuel consumption:

  1. Keep a good distance between you and the car infront to avoid last minute braking
  2. Try to accelerate slowly rather than speeding up quickly
  3. Change to a lower gear when the engine speed drops below 1500 rpm

4. Bottle the throttle

Ease off the accelerator when travelling downhill! This probably comes naturally anyway, but making a conscious effort to do so stops fuel being sent to the engine, in turn keeping consumption to a minimum.

5. G’day skipper

Another tip is to skip gears when conditions allow. By shifting straight from third to fifth, you’ll limit the amount of wear and tear on all the bits and bobs under the bonnet, and in turn save on fuel. In the same way, when slowing down try to avoid going from fifth to fourth to third and down to one in turn. Driving in the highest gear possible that is suitable for the road and conditions will only help in your quest to eco-driving!

6. Cool it!

There’s no denying that we need to use air con from time to time, especially in the summer months. But as you might know, air con uses fuel every time you turn it on! Now we’re not asking you to sit in a baking car, but try and switch it off when your comfortable and your car should stay nice and cool.

7. Stop, start

You might have a car that already uses stop/start technology when standstill for a couple of minutes, but if not, turning off your engine can prevent unnecessary fuel consumption. Not only that but it might make you less anxious about being stuck in traffic without hearing your engine ticking over!

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