Heading off to a festival this year and not sure what to pack? Fear not,  we’ve put together a list of our five top tips to help make festival camping a walk in the park field. Read on for our recommendations guaranteed to make it pitch-ure perfect…and we’re not just talking the Instagram selfies!

1. Pop-up tent

Pop up tents and festivals go together like rock and roll! No more rushing around to pitch your tent so you can get over to your favourite bands. Just open up the tent and peg out the guy lines, and you’re ready to go!

Top festival tip: Put a flag on your tent to identify it from far away.

2. Emergency poncho

They might not be the most stylish wardrobe additions, but emergency ponchos are perfect for festivals. They’re cheap, lightweight and pack really small, and you can throw them on over whatever you’re wearing as quick as a flash at the risk of a downpour.

Top festival tip: In the excitement of arriving, try not to pitch in a ditch – you’ll thank us later.

3. Self-inflating airbed

Just because you’re out camping, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a comfortable night’s sleep. Using an airbed means you can settle down and get some shut-eye when the bands have finished, and be up and raring to go again the next day! Picking up one with a built-in inflator is a bonus as they’ll be nothing else to carry.

Top festival tip: Try to pitch your tent further away from any paths for a quieter night’s sleep.

4. Folding trolley

If you’re a regular festival-goer you’ll already know it’s unlikely you’ll be able to park next to where you’re pitching up. A folding trolley will help you cart all of your kit to your pitch, then fold up out of the way until it’s time to head home.

Top festival tip: You can also use a sledge to move your kit if it’s really muddy – it’s s-no-w joke!

5. Camping cook set

You can normally buy food at a festival, but it’s more and expensive and way less fun. Taking along your own cooking kit means that you can rustle up some life-saving bacon sarnies in the morning as well as saving money. This set has everything you need – just add gas!

Top festival tip: Two words: Can opener!

And there you have it! A little bit of luxury can go a long way at a festival. For all your camping needs, head on over to Halfords.com.