At Halfords, we pride ourselves on offering hand tools that are precise, durable, and designed by professionals for professionals. From our own extensive Halfords Advanced range to products by leading names like Stanley, Draper and Laser Tools, you can find a high-quality hand tool for every situation.

We’re also always looking to innovative and ensure that our tools fully meet the needs of enthusiasts and experts alike. Here are four changes we’ve recently introduced to take our range to the next level.

1. 6-point sockets

The Halfords Advanced range has always included a winning selection of individual sockets. However, we’ve made these sockets even better by updating them so that they all have six points. This provides more torque and therefore a better grip, which makes securing fastenings, fixtures and fittings easier and quicker.

2. Surface drive plus

We’ve added new surface drive plus technology to the spanners in our Halfords Advanced range. This provides up to 28% more torque before rounding, allowing for the open end of the spanner to have a better level of grip and making it easier for you to make short work of any stubborn nuts and bolts.

You won’t find this technology in spanners anywhere else, so don’t miss out!

3. New Halfords Advanced products

We’ve widened the Halfords Advanced range by launching a variety of new tools including impact torx and hex sets; hex, torx and spline bit sets; impact extension bar sets; pry bars; screwdriver sets; a new spanner set and more.

These products all share the hallmarks of tools in the Halfords Advanced range, including delivering the very best in terms of performance and design, and come with the standard Halfords Advanced Lifetime Guarantee.

A couple of highlights include the Halfords Advanced 46-Piece Impact Socket Set, which offers a selection of standard 6-point 3/8” and 1/2″ drives, and the Halfords Advanced 25-Piece Spanner Roll, which comes with a handy roll case for easy portability.

There are also the Halfords Advanced 50 Piece Screwdriver Set, which includes a variety of the most common screwdriver types, and the new range of Halfords Advanced pry bars, which come with metal striking caps so you can strike the tool without damaging the handle.

4. New Laser Tools products

In order to meet the needs of enthusiasts and professionals, we’ve introduced a much greater range of Laser Tools products including spanners, screwdrivers, sockets, fuses, tyre inflators, tool kits, wrenches and many more.

Approximately 1,800 specialist hand tools from this premier automotive brand have been added to (available online only), providing a one-stop-shop for those working on automotive-related tasks.

To check out our full hand tools range, as well as our garage equipment and garage essentials, head on over to