During the colder months, driving and keeping your car running can be a real challenge. In fact, according to AXA, your car is 18% more likely not to start and has a 27% greater chance of cutting out in winter than in summer. So what’s the solution?

We’d always recommend taking your vehicle in for a Free 5-Point Car Check (or upgrading to a 10-Point Car Check) as a starting point, because our expert technicians will help to make sure your car’s ready to face the winter weather.

Then we’d recommend stocking up on all the winter car essentials – and that’s where this article comes in. Here’s a quick rundown of six must-haves items for your car this winter.

1. Ice scraper

When you’re confronted with a frozen windscreen, you’re going to want an ice scraper to hand. Ice scrapers come in various different forms, with some offering multiple blades, squeegees and/or sponges. You can even get scrapers made from entirely recycled material, or ones that include a weatherproof mitt to keep your hand warm and dry while you work.

Whichever type you choose, they’ll all do a fine job of clearing that stubborn ice on a cold winter’s morning and you won’t regret having one tucked away in your glove compartment.

2. De-icer

De-icer is another essential product for any wintery windscreen or windows. Available as a spray or an aerosol, simply apply the de-icer to any ice, sleet or snow on your car and then scrape it off before driving.

Easy to use and affordable, de-icer makes snow and ice removal a breeze and your scraping arm will definitely be thankful for it!

3. Snow shovel

When the snow arrives, don’t let it stop you from getting outside and building a snowman or popping down to the shops.

A snow broom or snow shovel will help you to dig your way to freedom, remove the snow off the roof of your car (a legal requirement) or remove the snow from behind your car wheels when stationary for a safer start.

They can also double as really useful garden tools for the fairer weather months of spring, summer and autumn, so a snow broom or shovel is an investment that keeps on giving.

4. Snow socks

Who said socks were only made for feet? Snow socks are a trendy alternative to snow chains and come in a variety of sizes to fit around your tyres. You can apply a pack of two around your drive wheels to give you extra grip in snowy and icy conditions.

5. Screenwash

A screenwash that’s been designed to work at lower temperatures, like the Halfords -20 Ready Mixed Screenwash, will help you to be prepared for the coldest of conditions in winter.

These products are effective from -5 degrees down to -30 degrees, depending on which one you choose, and all will help to keep your windscreen frost-free and clear from mud and grit when the weather starts to turn miserable.

They’re available in a concentrated form for superior performance, or you can also get ready-mixed versions so that you don’t have to spend any more time outside than is absolutely necessary!

6. Antifreeze

When it’s getting chilly outside, that last thing you need is your car engine failing to start. Top your vehicle up with antifreeze to combat corrosion, freezing and overheating.

Simply pop in your vehicle registration number online to find a suitable product for your car. As with the screenwash, you’ll generally be able to choose between concentrated and ready-mixed so go with whichever one you prefer and follow the instructions on the bottle.

Winter car kits

Winter car kits come in all shapes and sizes, with some bundling up the products we’ve already mentioned in this article and others focusing on breakdown essentials.

In the latter case, we recommend the AA Breakdown & Emergency Kit for both value and practicality. Designed to get your home whatever the weather, this fantastic winter car kit contains a hazard warning triangle, a tow rope and booster cables, a foot pump, hi-grip cotton gloves and a weatherproof torch and batteries. You’ll always be ready for the worst case scenario!

If you want to go one step further, then why not take out Halfords Breakdown Cover? From just 86p per week, we’ll be there to help you in the event of a breakdown. There are a number of cover options available and all policy holders also qualify for exclusive Halfords benefits like half price MOTs and 10% of servicing.

Halfords Motoring Club

Another way to keep moving, stay safe and keep saving this winter is to join the Halfords Motoring Club, where you’ll access a range of amazing benefits and discounts.

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With so much to enjoy, this is too good an opportunity to miss!

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