There’s nothing worse than a car that struggles to start on a cold, icy morning. With Halfords, you can ensure your car is fully prepped for winter with our range of product essentials and motoring services. Keep reading to discover how you can get your car ready for winter.

Book your MOT and service

An MOT and a service go hand-in-hand. An MOT is an annual legal requirement, while a service keeps your car in a more reliable and roadworthy condition by checking and replacing common parts that wear over time (reducing the risk of your car breaking down).

Booking them separately means remembering two sets of dates, making two (or more) journeys on two (or more) days and paying a premium. That’s why you want a Halfords MOT and service combi deal.

Our combi deals come in three options and can save you precious time and money (up to £29.99 when you join the Halfords Motoring Club for free):

Book online or drop into your local Halfords garage to set up an appointment and get your car prepared for the wintery conditions to come.

Check your bulbs and wiper blades

It’s easy to overlook your bulbs and wiper blades until they desert you while you’re making your way home on a dark, cold and rainy night. To avoid getting caught out, take advantage of our WeFit service.

The service is available at all Halfords stores and autocentres, as well as through our mobile fitting service. For a small fee, we’ll fit your new bulbs, wiper blades and more, and get you back out on the road again. No appointments are required and the whole process is safe and contactless; just drop in and we’ll install your new parts while you wait.

Winter car checks

Sometimes, you just want some peace of mind that your car is ready for the roads. In that case, you want one of our winter car checks.

First is our FREE 5-Point Car Check. During this check, an experienced technician will review your car’s headlights and brake lights, the condition of your wiper blades, the health of your battery, the condition of your windscreen and your MOT due date. The check’s completely free, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity as winter approaches.

For a more thorough assessment, you want our 10-Point Car Check. A technician will check all of the areas above, as well as your car’s tyre tread depth, tyre inflation level (and top it up), oil level, screen wash level (and top it up), and ad blue and coolant levels.

Both of these checks can be booked online at a time, date and location to suit you.

Mobile fitting

We know it’s not always convenient to make it down to your local Halfords autocentre or store, particularly if your car refuses to start or you’ve got a flat tyre. And that’s why you want our mobile fitting service.

It’s easy and as with all our fitting services, safe and contactless. Just book an appointment on your chosen date and one of our experienced technicians will head on over to your home or workplace. They offer a whole host of motoring services including tyre replacements, battery replacements and – an essential in the winter months – cold starts.

You can also get your hands on some great offers on tyres, including all season tyres right now, so get your car prepped for winter and save yourself some pounds at the same time.

Don’t forget your winter motoring essentials

The rain, ice, snow and darkness may be on its way, but you can be ready for it. As well as the top-notch services above, we’ve got a wide range of essential winter products including de-icer, screenwash, ice scrapers and demister pads that will keep your car in prime condition during the winter months.

While the winter months may not always be the most pleasant, you know that with help from Halfords, you can be fully prepared for your upcoming journeys.

Just remember: if you want to keep moving this winter, you want Halfords.