Electric bikes have become incredibly popular over the years thanks to their efficiency and convenience. However, some believe it’s not possible to get a solid workout on an electric bike due to their range of assistance modes.

While e-bikes do provide riders with an added boost, they can still be incorporated into your fitness routine and can be just as effective as a traditional bike. In this blog post, we’ll cover why electric bikes are still an option for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and how you can incorporate them into your fitness routine.

Why choose an e-bike to exercise?

Some may deem an e-bike as ‘cheating’ due to the electric motor, but cycling on an e-bike is still a solid cardiovascular activity. As a result, there are a variety of benefits of using an e-bike to help keep active:

E-bikes are great for all fitness levels

An e-bike is especially good for those who are looking to build their confidence or just starting out on their fitness journey. Although you will still have to pedal and put in effort, the motor will provide an extra boost when you need it to.

E-bikes encourage more consistent exercise

The added assistance of an e-bike can provide a more enjoyable cycling experience, offering support where necessary but still pumping up your heart rate. Beginners can start with higher assistance levels and gradually reduce them as they increase their stamina.

E-bikes provide extended riding range

An e-bike can allow riders to cover a greater range than if they were on a traditional bike. As a result, you can ride for longer and explore new routes and landscapes, which can provide much more pleasant journeys.

E-bikes are great for low-impact exercise

Electric bikes are ideal for individuals who struggle with high-impact exercise, whether that be because of joint issues or if you’re new to riding. The pedal assistance helps reduce strain on your joints, making cycling a suitable option for those recovering from injuries and those who are not used to high-impact movement.

How to workout on an e-bike

If you’re looking to get a solid workout on an e-bike, it’s a good idea to think about what you want to achieve before embarking on your adventures. If you’re looking to improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing, researching local scenic cycle routes, will allow you to keep active while enjoying the great picturesque outdoors. You can start off with a small goal and gradually increase your targets as you build confidence.

Here are a few ways in which you can get the most out of exercising on an e-bike:

Drop pedal assist to lowest mode


Use a heart rate monitor

Many cyclists find it useful to reach their fitness goals by training by heart rate. You can do this by using a heart rate monitor which will help ensure your rides are not too easy or too hard. It’s a great way to keep your cycling workouts challenging without overdoing it.

Use your e-bike to commute

Commuting on your e-bike is a great way to keep active and burn calories whilst travelling to work more sustainably. Why not challenge yourself and use your car or public transport less often and cycle to work wherever you can. Plus, in the Cycle2Work scheme, you could also get a new bike at a great price.

Incorporate hills into your cycle route

If you’re finding your cycle routes too easy, you could throw in some hills and steep inclines into your cycle route to help get your heart pumping. The key is to keep the route varied so there is a combination of challenging sections and recovery sections.

Try a cycle trail

Some cycle trails can be quite the challenge, however, an electric bike is a great way of being able to experience trail riding thanks to the added assistance. The added electric support can allow you to push yourself to do those technical sections you normally wouldn’t have the ability to complete.

What electric bike is right for me?

At Halfords, we stock a wide range of electric bikes from renowned brands such as Carrera and Voodoo with options to suit all budgets. If you’d like to know more about the best electric bike to accompany you on your fitness journey, take a look at our Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide.

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