Rotating car seats, also known as spin-seats, swivel seats or 360° seats, have become very popular with parents for a very good reason. We know that choosing the right car seat for your child can be a challenge when there are so many options available to parents.

This blog explains the benefits of a rotating car seat, why it’s a great option and what you need to consider when choosing the best car seat for your little one.

Easy on and off-boarding

The main benefit of a rotating car seat is that it’s easier and more comfortable to take your child in and out of the car. You can simply swivel the seat towards your open car door, which makes placing your child in or removing them from the seat quick and easy as there is awkward reaching or bending. This clever function makes these seats especially great if you have back pain or mobility issues.

When you consider how many times your child uses a car seat over the months and years, a rotating seat really can make a huge difference to how comfortable everyday life is. For toddlers who can climb in themselves, it may also make this easier for them.

Correctly and easily securing your child

Strapping your child into a car seat and securing them can be a challenge if you are having to reach over them. A rotating car seat allows you to easily spin the seat to face you, secure your child and correctly tighten the harness, and check the fit is secure before rotating them back into the driving position. The ease and efficiency offers ultimate peace of mind for parents.

Rear and forward-facing functionality

Many 360-rotating car seats enable rear-facing for longer, up to around 4 years. In the event of a collision, especially head-on, a rear-facing seat offers greater protection to your child’s head, neck, and spine, which is still developing.

Travel System compatibility

For newborn babies, a rotating car seat that can be used on your pushchair can be really useful, especially for quick trips where you are in and out of the car. When you no longer want to remove the infant seat from the car to use on your stroller, you can still use the seat on the base in the car with all the benefits of the rotating car seat.

Modular Functionality

Some rotating car seats can be removed from the car seat base meaning the base can be used with multiple seats. This means you get better value for money as the same base can be used with 2 consecutive car seats. It’s also better for the environment as you are using you existing car seat base for longer.

CYBEX Rotating Car Seats Available at Halfords

Cloud T i-Size

Stretch and lie flat technology

The recline hinge, situated in the hip area, allows for a simultaneously flattened back and leg rest extension, creating an optimal lying position for your baby. ​Use on your pushchair and the Cloud T i-Size can be fully reclined to a lie-flat position that provides ergonomic comfort on the go. The stretch and lie-flat technology prevents your baby’s head from falling forward, allowing for unrestricted breathing and vital lung development.

In-car recline

For greater comfort for the child without compromising on safety while on the road. ​

Travel system ready

Place the Cloud T on your stroller base, using adapters, to use the seat in a flat recline position, nearly as flat as a carrycot, setting it apart from other reclining car seats. ​

Optimal breathability

Breathable fabrics keep your baby cool.​

180°rotation for easy on and off-boarding

When used with the ISOFIX Base T, the Cloud T i-Size infant car seat is easily rotatable towards the car door, for effortless on and off-boarding

Full sun protection

XXL Sun Canopy is made from UPF50+ fabric.

25% more side impact protection

The combination of the Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) System and the energy-absorbing shell of the seat reduce the initial impact forces by up to 25%.

Travel system ready

Place the Cloud T on your stroller base, using adapters, to use the seat in a flat recline position, nearly as flat as a carrycot, setting it apart from other reclining car seats. ​

Grows with your child

Height-adjustable Headrest provides 12 different position. The harness automatically adjust as you move the headrest or recline the seat.​

Safe travel for smaller babies

Removable Newborn Inlay that provides a near-flat lying position for newborns or smaller premature babies

One base – two seats

Use the Base T with the Cloud T i-size and the CYBEX Sirona T i-Size as your child grows. ​

Intuitive ISOFIX tech

User-friendly ISOFIX-release buttons, making the installation of the base in the car even more intuitive and easy.

Sirona T i-Size

Up to 50% higher safety levels

When used in the rear-facing position it reduces the risk of an injury to the child’s neck and head, resulting in 50% higher safety levels*. In the case of an accident, the child is pushed towards the seat shell, where forces get distributed over the entire surface therefore reducing the impact.

All round air ventilation system – comfort fabric

Breathable material keeps your little one cool.                                                              ​

360° rotation – effortless on and off-boarding​​

Effortlessly on and off-board your child, thanks to its 360° rotation that smoothly rotates towards the car door. This feature minimizes any potential strain on your back during the boarding process. Legally a child must stay rear-facing until at least 15 months and 76 cm but we recommend using it for longer, up to four years if possible. Once your child has grown, you can easily choose between the rear or forward-facing position.

From birth to approx. 4 years​​

The 12 position height-adjustable headrest adapts to your child’s size. When adjusting the headrest height the harness adjusts automatically to ensure a comfortable fit.​

25% more side impact protection​​

The combination of Linear Side-impact Protection System (L.S.P.) together with the energy-absorbing shell of the seat, reduce the initial impact forces by up to 25%**.

Intutitive ISOFIX base T

Equipped with ISOFIX and a load leg for easy and secure installation.

Comfortable sleeping position

Five recline positions of Sirona T i-Size can be easily adjusted with just one hand in both rear and forward-facing positions, providing additional comfort for your sleeping child while travelling.​

Newborn inlay – support for smaller babies

Removable newborn inlay which provides a near-flat lying position.


The Sirona T i-Size is compatible with the CYBEX Base T and Base Z2. ​

**Compared to the same seat without L.S.P. in a side-impact test according to ADAC criteria

Sirona Gi i-Size

Up to 50% higher safety levels*​ ​

Extended rear-facing – designed for your child to sit comfortably rear-facing until they weigh 20 kg. ​one of the safest ways to travel in a car seat.

*compared to the same seat forward-facing in a frontal crash. Result of internal testing using 2022 ADAC frontal crash test criteria.​

Quick and easy onboarding

Just swivel the car seat using the easy rotation handle to face the car door and get your child onboard, in any recline position. You can avoid back strain, while your child stays comfortable in the recline position that fits them, whether they’re a newborn or a toddler. Switching from rear to forward-facing travel is just as easy.​

Optimal breathability​ ​

All-round air ventilation allows air to flow through ventilation channels within the car seat, carrying away heat and helping avoid a hot and sweaty ride for your little one.

Grows with your child up to 4 years old

12 position adjustable headrest allows a tailored fit to your child, with the harness lengthening automatically with each adjustment.


Linear Side-impact Protection together with the energy-absorbing shell, significantly reduces the effect of impact force on the child.​

Comfortable recline

Whether your little one is a newborn or a growing child, the ideal recline setting is available in both riding directions – and in the boarding position, too.

Straightforward installation​​

Click the ISOFIX into the vehicle seat and extend the load leg down to the car floor. Both provide stability and extra safety in the event of an accident.

With the many benefits that rotating car seats have to offer, they make an excellent option for busy parents. Browse the full range of Cybex child car seats on to maximise efficiency and comfort when travelling with your little one.