1. What are “cookies”?

When you visit this website, it will store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of “cookies”. These “cookies” are very small text files that may be downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

The information is used mostly in order to make this site work as you would expect. The information does not usually identify you directly, but it can give you a more personalised web experience.

Because we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to allow some cookies. However, please be advised that blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience of this site and the services that we are able to offer.

2. Can cookies harm my computer or mobile device?

No. Cookies cannot harm your computer and cannot carry viruses. Cookies are intended to enhance your experience of a website, rather than obstruct it.

3. What cookies are on this website?

Sections 3.1 to 3.4 below describe the cookies which are installed upon this website. If you review these, and decide that you would prefer us not to use cookies, you can set your browser to reject cookies or to let you know when a website tries to put one in your browser software – for further information, see section 4 below.

3.1 Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are always active, and are necessary for this website to function. They cannot be switched off. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences.

You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but some parts of the site will not then work. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.

Host Cookie name Duration
Halfords JSESSIONID Session only
_amp 2 years
_br_uid_2 100 years
_gali 1 minute
_hjDonePolls 1 year
_qsst_s Session only
_qst_s 1 year
_qubitTracker 1 year
_uetsid 29 minutes
90208059_clogin Session only
ADRUM_BT1 1 minute
ADRUM_BT2 1 minute
ADRUM_BT3 1 minute
ADRUM_BTa 1 minute
ADRUM_BTh 1 minute
ADRUM_BTs 1 minute
Apache Session only
cmTPSet Session only
CoreID6 15 years
FinanceSliderSeen Session only
H_FINANCE_10001 Session only
H_FINANCE_undefined Session only
Pastease.exit.chance.kcCaE5rUfDreG0Y 1 year
Pastease.pro_active.activated.JqfjwBpy5fPqkVw 1 year
Pastease.pro_active.chance.JqfjwBpy5fPqkVw 1 year
privacyPolicyNotification 27 years
qb_permanent 1 year
qb_persist_test 1 day
qb_session 30 minutes
sis_ga_14927_25 2 years
sis_ga_14927_25_gid 1 day
sis_ga_17594_33 2 years
sis_ga_17594_33_gid 1 day
sis_ga_18045_27 2 years
sis_ga_18045_27_gid 1 day
sis_ga_18111_14 2 years
sis_ga_18111_14_gid 1 day
sis_ga_18245_13 2 years
sis_ga_18245_13_gid 1 day
sis_ga_7082_75 2 years
sis_ga_7082_75_gid 1 day
smrt42-pg14927_25 1 hour
smrt42-pg17594_33 1 hour
smrt42-pg18045_27 1 hour
smrt42-pg18111_14 1 hour
smrt42-pg18245_13 1 hour
smrt42-ps7082_75 1 hour
smrt42-ps14927_25 1 hour
smrt42-ps17594_33 1 hour
smrt42-ps18045_27 1 hour
smrt42-ps18111_14 1 hour
smrt42-ps18245_13 1 hour
smrt42-ps7082_75 1 hour
smrt42-qa14927_25 1 hour
smrt42-qa17594_33 1 hour
smrt42-qa18045_27 1 hour
smrt42-qa18111_14 1 hour
smrt42-qa18245_13 1 hours
smrt42-qa7082_75 1 hour
t225-seen Session only
WC_AUTHENTICATION_1118980591 Session only
WC_AUTHENTICATION_1118990363 Session only
WC_AUTHENTICATION_1119064547 Session only
WC_AUTHENTICATION_1119181579 Session only
WC_PERSISTENT Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_-1002 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1118980591 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1118990363 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119004009 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119028307 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119056992 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119057964 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119064547 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119181516 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119181579 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119236286 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119250390 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119250474 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119256368 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119261403 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276400 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276443 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276476 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276504 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276547 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276587 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276623 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276660 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276692 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276720 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276751 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276782 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276817 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276862 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276892 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276928 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276963 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119276996 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119277036 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119277069 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119277097 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119277131 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119277169 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119277203 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293497 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293531 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293568 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293602 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293636 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293669 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293699 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293730 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293770 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293805 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293841 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293880 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293912 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293944 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119293946 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413480 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413511 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413536 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413560 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413578 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413603 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413628 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413646 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413670 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413693 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413716 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413737 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413758 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413781 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413803 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413827 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413845 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413877 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413899 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413928 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413953 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119413982 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414013 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414038 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414069 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414106 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414132 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414157 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414187 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414219 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414255 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414293 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119414325 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119426148 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119426176 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119426195 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119426219 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119426243 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119426271 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119426293 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119426321 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119426350 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429355 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429383 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429409 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429438 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429466 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429487 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429520 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429547 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429575 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429602 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429629 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429655 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429687 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429715 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429738 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119429762 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440383 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440416 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440437 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440459 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440480 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440506 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440531 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440553 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440580 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440612 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440636 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440668 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440698 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440723 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440752 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440774 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440798 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440822 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440851 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440881 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440901 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440923 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440948 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119440980 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119441019 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119441047 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119441066 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119441091 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119463060 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119464113 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119464127 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119467141 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119467185 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119474032 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119474069 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119475433 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119476077 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119476873 Session only
WC_USERACTIVITY_1119478791 Session only

3.2 Performance cookies

These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. They help us to know which pages are the most and least popular, and see how visitors move around the site.

All information that is collected by these cookies is aggregated, and therefore anonymous. If you do not allow these cookies we will not know when you have visited our site, and will not be able to monitor its performance.

In addition to the cookies listed below, we also use a session recording tool, provided by Hotjar, which enables us to track customer experience on certain areas of this site. However, please be assured that Hotjar stores this data in a pseudonymised user profile, and that the information will never be used to identify individual users or to match it with further data on an individual.

Host Cookie name Duration
Halfords BVBRANDID 1 year
BVBRANDSID 27 minutes
_hjIncludedInSample Session only
_gat_UA-22276251-10 1 minute
_gat_UA-22276251-7 1 minute
_gat 1 minute
_gid 1 day
_ga 2 years

3.3 Functional cookies

These cookies enable our website to provide enhanced functionality and personalisation. They are set by third party providers whose services we have added to our pages. If you do not allow these cookies, then some or all of these services may not function properly.

Host Cookie name Purpose Duration
Halfords Cookietest (x 96) To check if the browser is set to block or allow cookies Session only
__cfduid 1 year
Google __utma To support user accounts 1 year
GAPS 1 year
LSID 1 year

3.4 Targeting cookies

These cookies are set through our site by our partners. They are generally used by those companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant adverts on other sites.

They do not store directly personal information, but are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device. You can control these cookies by following the guidance in section 4 below. However, if you do not allow these cookies, you will experience less targeted advertising.

Host Cookie name Purpose Duration
Halfords __olapicU To enable data sharing with key partners including Olapic and Rakuten 1 Month
Bazaarvoice BVID To enable integration with our products review partner 1 year
BVSID 30 minutes
ai 1 year
Bing MUID To support the Microsoft search engine 1 year
MUIDB 1 year
Doubleclick (Google) id To support Google’s bidding advertising exchange 1 year
Facebook datr To serve targeted advertising via Facebook 1 year
fr 3 months
lu 1 year
Google APISID To serve targeted advertising via Google 1 year
SSID 1 year
NID 6 months
PREF 1 year
SID 1 year
SAPISID 1 year
HSID 1 year
iesnare io_token_7c6a6574-f011-4c9a-abdd-9894a102ccef To provide targeted advertising 1 year
Mopinion AWSELB (x3) To collect and analyse user feedback Session only
Pinterest __utma To support social content sending via Pinterest 1 year
_pinterest_sess 39 years
__utmv 1 year
Quantcast d To provide targeted advertising 3 months
mc 1 year
Salesforce X-Salesforce-CHAT To enable live chat with customer services Session only
Twitter auth_token To support tracking 15 years
twll 5 years
secure_session 15 years
guest_id 1 year
__utma 1 year
remember_checked 5 years
remember_checked_on 5 years
lang Session only
Youtube SID To track viewing of videos and deliver targeted advertising 1 year
HSID 1 year
demographics 1 year
PREF 5 years
APISID 1 year
SSID 1 year
LOGIN_INFO 2 years
YSC Session only
SAPISID 1 year

4. More information about cookies

To learn more about cookies, including how to manage them and how they affect your online activities, please visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org. You can also learn how to control cookies on different browsers at www.aboutcookies.org/how-to-control-cookies/, or if you want to know how to delete cookies, visit www.aboutcookies.org/how-to-delete-cookies/.

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, you can visit http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

The Internet Advertising Bureau website (Your Online Choices) which you can visit at www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/ allows you to install opt-out cookies across different advertising networks.

New technologies such as Mozilla’s Do Not Track (www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/dnt/) allow you to tell websites not to track you.

It is noted however that blocking cookies may, on occasion, reduce the functionality of a website or prevent access, depending on the browser options which are selected.