Most of us expect to take our cars for an annual MOT, to make sure that everything is in working order. However, if your car is brand-new, you might be confused as to when you need to book in.

The rules around MOTs for new cars are slightly different to other cars, so we’re here to break down everything you need to know.

When will my new car need its first MOT?

While most cars will need an annual MOT, all new cars have three years before they need their first test, since the parts and components are unused and are unlikely to be showing signs of wear. After this three-year period, the car will then revert to the standard time frame of a yearly MOT.

Although your car isn’t legally required to have an MOT within these three years, we recommend booking in sooner if you’re concerned about anything, or you just want the peace of mind that everything’s working as it should. For more concentrated concerns, we offer a range of free checks covering areas such as your brakes, tyres, clutch, suspension, and more, so you can have the peace of mind that your car’s been looked over by an expert. You can find all our free car checks here.

We would also still recommend that you get your new car serviced annually to keep everything in tip-top condition – and if you service your car at Halfords, it won’t invalidate your MOT.

Some vehicles, like ambulances and taxis, will need their MOT after just one year. You can find the full list of these specialised vehicles on the Government’s MOT fees table.

It’s worth noting that the first MOT must be completed by the third anniversary of the car’s registration, not when you first received it, so be sure you don’t get caught out by the dates.

To know for sure when your MOT is due, check out our handy tool – just enter your registration and we’ll tell you exactly when you need to book in by. We can also email you a reminder when your MOT is due to expire so you’ll never forget again, as well as information on the latest arrivals, exclusive products, deals and promotions from Halfords.

When should I book in?

Each year, registration plates are released in March and September which causes a flurry of new car purchases, as drivers often wait to secure the updated plates. So, with first-hand car purchases increasing in these months, there are also swathes of three-year-old cars with their MOTs expiring in March and September, too.

If you want to avoid this increased demand, we recommend booking in earlier for your MOT – for example, opting for February instead of March, or August as opposed to September. That way, you’ll beat the rush and have more options for where and when you book.

What do I need to do?

If you’ve not had to book an MOT for the past three years, then you may have forgotten what they consist of, or what you’ll need to do beforehand.

Our best piece of advice is to check your car over in plenty of time before your test, to make sure you’re aware of any problems before they’re highlighted at the MOT. That way, you’ve got more time to get them rectified and lower the chance of not being able to use your car after your test.

You can find all the areas you’ll need to look at in our guide on getting your car MOT ready here; just check each item on the list and make a note of any problems to get looked at. That way, you should have enough time to get them fixed before your MOT is due!

As for general maintenance and upkeep, there are many quick and easy ways to improve your chances of passing. Be sure to give your car a once-over just before your test to avoid any easy-to-fix issues that might lead to a failure. We’ve compiled a list of MOT must-haves that you can run through before your test to make sure you drive away on the same day.

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So, now that you know when your brand-new car will need its first MOT, you can focus on enjoying your new purchase and keeping it in good working order for your test!

If you do hit any bumps in the road, you can be sure that Halfords is here to help. For all your motoring needs, check out or pop into your local store where one of our experts will be happy to help.

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