Chances are those annual MOT reminders have started popping up, and we all want to pass first time! To make sure you get your beloved four wheels back on the same day, follow our simple checklist below and there’ll be green ticks aplenty!

First impressions count, so give your ride a really good clean the day before your MOT. If it looks loved from the inside and shining on the outside, any borderline passes may be in your favour.

  • Handbrake

You use your handbrake every time you get in the car, so you’ll know if it’s working as it should be (doesn’t roll away)! Test your handbrake by pulling it all the way up – if it clicks too many times, the cable may need adjustment, so get this checked out in advance.

  • Hit the brakes

You should check your brake fluid regularly, and before your MOT is no different! If your brakes feel spongy when you’re pushing on the pedals, there may be air in the hydraulic system. Don’t worry if that’s the case, just bleed and refill.

Any chips or cracks in the windscreen within your driving view could cost you a pass, so get these filled in ahead of time.

  • Mirror, mirror

Again with your mirrors, these will all need to be in good condition, so check that your mirrors are picture perfect.

Either when it’s dark, or with a friend, check your headlights and indicators in turn. A bulb is quick and easy to replace if necessary, and one less thing to worry about when you part with your car on MOT day! Don’t be in the dark – bulbs are a common failing.

  • Tyres

Check each tyre for signs of damage or wear and tear, this could be anything from a scuff to a nail or piece of metal that’s nestled its way in! If they look fine, check your tread using a depth gauge, and bear in mind the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm!

  • Honk if you’re…

…unsure! Give the horn a good toot and make sure you’re heard! Check your windscreen wash is topped up and when using it give your wipers a go and make sure they don’t smear. Last but not least check your number plates for any cracks as this can fail your MOT.

Spending a little time giving your car a good once over before your MOT can often make a massive difference, so it’s definitely worth doing! For help and advice relating to any motoring issues, check out our Advice Centre where we’ve answered a whole range of car-trouble queries.

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