E-bikes. For some of us, this may sound like a completely alien concept. It might conjure up images of virtual reality cycling, or perhaps it doesn’t resound with us at all.

‘E-bikes’, or electric bikes as they are referred to, have been around for a long time, but have become more a part of modern society in recent years thanks to their stylish appeal and convenient nature.

But as with all innovations, there are always some myths that circulate, so read below for a complete de-fluffing of all things E-bike.

Riding an E-bike is cheating

Myth! An E-bike requires as little, or as much power as you want to put into pedaling, and the power to boost is literally in your hands! Considering that you’re not in a race, it would be impossible to ‘cheat’, and, given that you set your own targets, you control how hard you want to work. You can also turn off the power completely and use it like a normal bike, which would then bring you into the same realm as non e-bike riders.

E-bikes hurt the environment

Another myth. E-bikes are in fact just as green as powerless cycles, with their batteries 100% recyclable! No unhealthy vapours are dispensed into the atmosphere, either, so this really is one great way of doing your bit, whilst keeping fit!

I can’t afford one

Although E-bikes are a little pricier than a pedal bike, there are ways to compensate for that extra stretch on the old purse strings. At Halfords we offer a range of finance options via Klarna to help you spread the cost of your purchase. What’s more, once you’ve made the initial investment, think of all the money you could save! Unlike a car, there are no insurance, tax, or running costs, and with the rising cost of fuel this could save you a pretty penny. Worried about getting to work? The cycle2work scheme could help you to get the e-bike you really want, with your company covering the upfront expense, and a steady, affordable repayment as part of your salary deductions. Sound too good to be true? Find out more here.

I want an E-bike, but don’t want to get the bus when it rains

This is also untrue. The battery and power components on an E-bike are completely sealed and secure, making it possible to ride in any condition (well, maybe not an avalanche).

You might as well get a scooter

Forget what you’ve heard! This couldn’t be any further from the truth. An E-bike is still classed as a ‘bike’, and because they’re so safe and environmentally friendly, there isn’t even a vague link between an E-bike and a scooter. Perhaps the most important difference to point out is that an E-bike can still be used on designated cycle paths and routes, whereas scooters are strictly bound to road use!

They don’t go very fast

Last up on our list of fibs is this myth about speed. When you consider the average speed of a car is approximately 18mph in a built up area, an E-bike can get up to an average speed of 15mph. That’s going to get you from A to B much quicker than pedaling alone!

If you’re thinking of getting an E-bike, whether it’s for fun, fitness, or commuting, head to our Advice Centre where you’ll find loads more helpful Q&A’s.

Shop our full range here, and get further, faster, and fresher on an E-bike.