As hard as it might be to believe, the electric bike has been around for over 125 years, with the American inventor Ogden Bolton Jnr. first introducing it in 1895. However, it’s only been in the last 10 years or so that this technology has really caught on and e-bikes have started to become a familiar sight on roads around the UK and beyond.

If you’re not that familiar with e-bikes and want to know more, or you’re a bit sceptical about whether a bike with a motor constitutes as cheating, then this is the blog for you. Here’s why we reckon an electric bike is definitely worth the investment (and definitely isn’t cheating!).

1. You’ll get fitter

That’s right, getting fitter is one of the many benefits of using an e-bike! A 2017 study by the University of Colorado Boulder revealed that volunteers who used e-bikes on their commute to work for a month showed an improved aerobic capacity and blood sugar control.

That’s because although e-bikes do come with onboard motors, these motors are only there to assist with pedalling and don’t power the bike unless the rider puts in the effort too. While you might not hit the same intensity levels as you would on a regular bike, e-bikes are still a significantly healthier option than cars or public transport.

2. You’ll tackle hills with ease  

Not every cyclist wants to feel the burn when they embark on a steep hill climb, particularly if that climb’s part of a regular journey. Electric bikes can make things a lot easier as they give you the option to engage the motor and get some pedalling support as you tacky those tricky inclines.

The Carrera Vulcan and Carrera Vengeance e-bikes boast some serious pedal power, making an ascent feel more like a descent. So you can get some exercise without being left with lead legs for the rest of the day!

3. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment

Electric bikes are a much greener option than a car or public transport (and a great way to remain safe and socially distanced).

By causing no air pollution, you’ll be playing a big part in helping to protect the environment, and keeping our towns and cities carbon-neutral.

4. You’ll be fresher when you arrive

E-bikes enable you to commute or take in the sights without working up a real sweat, which is ideal if you want to ensure that you don’t end your journey looking like you’ve just run a marathon.

We highly recommend the Carrera Crossfire e-bike for easy and smooth riding. It can assist your travel up to 15.5mph, while its drive system makes conquering hills an absolute breeze.

5. You can take your e-bike wherever you go

E-bikes can also be the perfect portable option. Models like the Carrera Crosscity are foldable, which means that you can easily transport them in a car or on public transport if needed. This could come in handy if your journey involves a mix of public transport and cycling, the weather takes a turn for the worse when you’re out, or you’re in a particularly big rush to get somewhere.

6. You’ll have no limits

Our final reason why we think e-bikes are so good is the fact that they cater for all abilities and ages, and allow more inexperienced riders to keep pace with more experienced ones. The motor also gives riders the potential to cycle further without exerting more energy, opening up a whole new world to explore and providing more opportunities for exercise.

And there you have it – six benefits of being an electric bike owner. Convinced? Then head on over to where you can find our full range of e-bikes from top brands including Boardman, Carrera, Pendleton, Raleigh and Voodoo.

Happy e-trails!