So, you’ve decided to go for it this year. 2020 is your year for getting back on your bike and achieving whatever challenge that you’ve set yourself.

Whether you’re aiming for more regular fitness or you have a specific event that you’re training for, preparation is key! There’s lots of things to think about when it comes to cycling. Here are the key points to ensuring you have a safe ride and achieve your goals!

Carry it

How you kit out your bike will depend on what you’re using it for. A commute, a short off-road jaunt at the weekend, a longer cycling holiday all require different consideration. Lights, pumps, bags and baskets. Think about what your essentials are and pimp your ride accordingly!

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Light it

Safety is paramount when you’re on the road on two wheels. You must be seen. Front and rear lights are essential, and mirrors can also be helpful especially if you’re going to be riding on busy roads regularly. Making sure you have a bell to let people know you’re approaching is essential too!

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Wear it 

Having the right cycling gear is really important. You need to be warm, safe and visible. Make sure you’ve got some base thermal layers that will keep you dry and cosy. A decent helmet that fits correctly will minimise the damage if you do happen to come off. And, hi vis outer clothing will make you really hard to miss.

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Plan it

If you’re working towards a more regular routine or needing to commit to training, plan ahead. Have a look at the week ahead and schedule in your cycling time. You’re far more likely to succeed.

Lock it

Whether you’ve stopped for a break or heading to a meeting, you want to find your bike where you left it. Invest in a solid D-lock and cable system that will deter any criminal opportunists.

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Maintain it

The more care you give your bike, the better it will serve you. Regular TLC will keep all the moving parts in tip-top condition. Keep your bike clean and in good condition. Think about getting a set of multi tools for tinkering at home and a puncture repair kit to have with you when you’re out and about. Don’t forget a bike pump to keep you on the move! You can go for one that fits to your bike frame or a mini pump to throw in your rucksack.

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Needing some more advice? Check out our online help and advice hub for useful videos and top tips or pop in store and one of our colleagues can help answer all your cycling queries.




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