The past few years have highlighted the importance of our mental and physical wellbeing, with many of us discovering new ways to become more active. Recent years have seen more of us take up cycling for fitness purposes, rather than simply leisure.

The beauty of cycling is that it is suitable for people of all abilities and fitness levels and can be as casual or intense as you want it to be.

Although it can be easy to lose motivation, now is the perfect time to take back control of your wellbeing and set fitness goals that will lead to a healthier you.

Not sure cycling is right for you? Discover the amazing health benefits below and be inspired!

Cycling is mind-cleansing

While riding a bike is great for you physically, it’s equally as important for your mental wellbeing. Simply put, cycling makes you feel great!

Here are some of the many health benefits of cycling:

Fresh air

All exercise is beneficial, but nothing beats heading out into the great outdoors. And what better way to do it than on two wheels? It’s a great chance to get some fresh air and refresh your mind.

Endorphin boost

You’ve probably heard of endorphins before. They’re neuropeptides and peptides that the body creates when exercising, and cycling gives you a big endorphin boost. The result? Endorphins are proven to boost self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety, and even help alleviate the symptoms of depression.


Easy to fit into your daily routine – finding time to exercise can be stressful. With cycling, this isn’t the case. A ride can take as long as you like, you can start from your front door, and you can even integrate it into your daily routine through commuting – it’s a very convenient form of exercise.

The health benefits of cycling don’t end there, and we’ve put together a handy guide to many more in our Cycling for the Body and Mind blog.

Experience the outdoors

Bored of the same four walls? Us too! Luckily, our bikes provide a gateway to the great outdoors.

With a bike, you can hit the trails, explore country lanes, or cruise around picturesque parks. We’ve even created our Discovery Hub to help you find cycling routes for all types of riding, whether looking for a family adventure or your next fitness challenge.


Few activities provide a better aerobic workout than cycling, and aerobic exercise is great for your brain, heart, and blood vessels.

Through cycling, you’ll also build your muscles. Not only does each pedal stroke engage your leg muscles, including quads and calves but also your core, including back and abdominals. If you head off-road or tackle a particularly bumpy trail, don’t be surprised if your arms come back aching as well!

We think cycling is one of the best ways to exercise – even better than going to the gym! Not convinced? Check out our Cycling vs. the Gym blog here.


Cycling is energy-boosting

Did you know that cycling can also improve your day-to-day productivity?

Riding a bike helps boost your energy levels, resulting in greater motivation and energy for other activities.

Studies have also shown that those who cycle to work are more productive than those who don’t, and have on average one less sick day per year.

Discover how you can start cycling to work with the help of our Top Tips for Cycling to Work blog.


And whatever type of riding you do, you’ll always be smiling!

Cycling is a fun activity, whether it’s a method of getting you to work, getting out with the family, or a weekend adventure. So, enjoy every opportunity you get to ride, and you’ll reap the amazing benefits!

Cycling fitness tips

For those who want to get the most out of their cycling adventures, investing in cycling technology can help you push your cycling limits and measure your efforts. Many cyclists use cycle computers to keep track of their progress, including speed measurement and trip distance. Regularly monitoring your cycling data can help you meet and exceed your cycling goals and increase your cycling endurance.

So, what are you waiting for? With the help of cycling, you can set new goals that will lead to a healthier you. To find out more about how cycling can boost your wellbeing, head over to our Wellbeing Hub.

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