Got an old Halfords bike that you no longer use or are you looking to upgrade? We can help!

Through the Halfords Bike Xchange, you can trade in your old bike for a gift card, trade up to a new bike or save by buying pre-pedalled. We buy, we restore, we sell…you save!

What is the Halfords Bike Xchange?

When you’ve got an old bike that you no longer use, what do you do with it? The Halfords Bike Xchange is the perfect solution.

Whether your little one has outgrown their bike or you simply need to clear space in the garage, the Halfords Bike Xchange allows you to trade in your old bike for a gift card, trade up towards a new bike, or upgrade to a pre-pedalled bike.

Trade in for a gift card and you can redeem the value against all Halfords products and services, from bikes and in-car tech to services and MOTs*. You’re guaranteed a great price while your old bike will go to a new home to create more priceless memories. Or reignite your love for two-wheeled adventures by trading up or going pre-pedalled. Whatever you choose, it’s good for you and it reduces waste and stops bikes going to landfill.

Environmental benefits of the Bike Xchange

And the benefits don’t end there! Here at the Halfords Bike Xchange, we’re committed to reducing waste and C02 emissions. And each bike that’s restored and sold will save an estimated 157.7kg of C02 emissions versus buying a new bike. So, if we restore 100,000 bikes, this will lead to 15,770 tonnes of C02 saved!

If a bike can’t be resold, we’ll share this with our charity partners such as Re-Cycle who repair and donate them to African communities. If a bike is unrepairable, the valuable materials and components will be recovered instead.

Trade in your old Halfords bike

If you have an old Halfords bike gathering dust at home, we’ll happily take it off your hands. Our experts will give you a valuation and you can Xchange it for up to £1,000 on a Halfords gift card to spend in store, online or in our garages on the things you love**. You’ll get a great deal plus the knowledge you’re helping to reduce waste and that someone else is getting joy from your old bike.

Which bikes are eligible?

Before bringing your old Halfords bike into us, you need to make sure it’s eligible. It must:

  • be a Halfords bike that is less than 5 years old (excluding electric bikes) from one of the following brands: Apollo, Carrera, Boardman, Voodoo, Pendleton or Indi
  • have a visible frame number on the bike. You will find this on the bottom bracket shell (on the frame at the bottom of the bike between the pedals).
  • be clean so we can inspect it accurately.

There must also be no outstanding finance agreements in place for the bike.

Book a valuation

Once you’ve checked your bike is eligible, it’s time to book a valuation at one of our stores.

We want the process to be as quick and convenient as possible, so you can pick a time and date that suits you. Once you’ve booked your slot, bring your bike in along with two forms of ID. Accepted IDs include a passport or driving licence alongside proof of address.

One of our expert technicians will then assess the bike to determine its condition and safety. If everything’s in order, we’ll offer you the value of the bike in the form of a gift card. It’s that simple!

And even if the bike is in too poor of a condition to sell on, we’ll still offer you a gift card and we’ll recycle the bike’s parts. These bikes are donated to one of our charity partners who salvage usable parts.

So, through the Halfords Bike Xchange, we can either increase the lifespan of bikes or the resources they’re made from.

Trade in your bike

If you’re happy with our offer – and we’re confident you will be! – we’ll ask you to fill out some paperwork before exchanging the bike for your gift card.

You’re then free to redeem the gift card either online or in store and on any of our products or services.

Pre-pedalled bikes

Once you’ve traded in your bike, why not treat yourself to a new bike or to one of our quality-assured pre-pedalled bikes?

Pre-pedalled bikes have been traded in and then expertly restored by our trained technicians. You get all the benefits of a new bike but at a much lower cost, plus you’re helping to reduce waste.

Why buy a pre-pedalled bike?

We’ve already mentioned some of the amazing benefits, but here are some more reasons why a pre-pedalled bike is a great option:

  • They’re built ready-to-ride with great savings off the retail price.
  • Each is safety checked by our experts, so you can have peace of mind they’re in full working order.
  • Every pre-pedalled bike comes with a 12-month warranty, so if anything does go wrong, you can bring it back to us.
  • Buying a pre-pedalled bike reduces waste and the number of bikes sent to landfill.

Visit your local Halfords store to explore their full range of pre-pedalled bikes.

Ready to trade in your old bike? You can learn more about the Halfords Bike Xchange here. Once you’ve traded in your old bike, it’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a new one. Check out our full range of bikes over at Alternatively, head to your local Halfords store to discover their selection of pre-pedalled bikes.

If you’re not sure which bike you need, our Bikes Buyer’s Guide will provide you with plenty of inspiration.

*Excludes gift cards and car parts fulfilled by Car Parts Express

**Saving is calculated on the overall comparison between the RRP of new similar bikes and pre-pedalled bikes, which is dependent on the make, model and grade of the bike. For further information on pre-pedalled bike grades and prices visit