There’s nothing like a good old road trip to make the most of the warmer weather. If you’re looking to go on an adventure behind the wheel this summer, you’ll want to make sure that your car is in top condition for the journey.

From a sparkling exterior to a fresh-smelling interior, there are plenty of products to get your vehicle feeling brand new. Take a look as we cover the best ways to freshen up your car both inside and out.

How to freshen up your car interior

We all love experiencing that new car smell. To get your vehicle showroom ready, there are a few simple tips and products that will leave your car interior feeling fresh.

Car Vacuum

It may seem obvious but using a car vacuum to remove dirt and crumbs from your car seats and carpet is a good place to start! Using a dedicated car vacuum is ideal as it’s compact enough to get into those hard-to-reach places.

We stock a range of car vacuums from leading brands including Black & Decker, Ryobi, and Karcher, so you know you’ll be able to achieve high-quality results.

Black & Decker Dustbuster 12V Car Vacuum 216397

Upholstery cleaner

There are a wide variety of products to help you clean your car interior but a convenient go-to has to be an upholstery cleaner. The Halfords Advanced Upholstery Cleaner is a great option as its multi-purpose formula can quickly remove stains from car seats, carpets and roof linings. Plus, as well as lifting stubborn dirt, it can also help to restore freshness, leaving a light and lasting fragrance in your car.


Air con check

If you’re heading on a long journey during the summer months, it’s important to check that your car’s air conditioning is in order. Air con should be regularly monitored to ensure that there is a sufficient quantity of gas and refrigerant levels. Neglecting your air con could not only lead to it blowing out warm air but can also lead to unpleasant odours – not what you want on a hot day!

At Halfords, we offer a free air-con check at our retail stores to give you peace of mind that your air-con is in working order. If your system does need a top-up, you can either book in for our air con recharge service or buy what you need in-store to recharge at home.

For more information, head on over to our free air-con check page or our air conditioning tips guide.

Alternatively, if you’re already aware of a problem with your car’s air conditioning, then you can book in for our air-con diagnostic check. This check provides a full inspection of your air-con system to identify faults and leaks. Our air-con diagnostic checks take place at our garages and can be booked online.

Free Air Con Check 694050

Air freshener

And one final tip for a fresh-smelling interior – give your car a quick blast of air freshener! Autobrite offers a range of aerosol air fresheners in a variety of scents including lemon zest and morello cherry. Your car interior is sure to be smelling delicious and ready for your road trip!

Autobrite Aerosol Air Freshener - Morello Cherry 500ml 664470

Check out our dedicated guide for more tips on how to clean your car interior.

How to freshen up your car exterior

Although getting your car interior in order is often the priority when going on a long journey, it makes sense to get your exterior looking great too! At Halfords, we’ve got the tools and products to get your paintwork looking pristine.

Pressure washer

Pressure washers are great for removing stubborn dirt from the outside of your car. They also help reduce the chances of scratching the paintwork when you come to do the main wash. We stock Karcher pressure washers as well as our own brand of Halfords pressure washers to help get your car exterior looking spotless.

Karcher K4 Power Control Pressure Washer

Snow foam

Snow foam and pressure washers are the perfect pre-wash combination to help you loosen any remaining debris and help reduce the risk of swirl marks. Cover the whole of your vehicle in the rich foam, leave for 10 minutes and give it a good rinse. Not only will it make your vehicle look flawless but it’s also fun to use!

Autoglym Polar Blast Snow Foam 2.5L 575784

Car polish

Car polish is a fantastic way to add a lustrous shine to your vehicle. It’s also great at minimising the appearance of fine marks and scratches, allowing your car to look its best. The Autobrite Cherry Glaze Polish gives your vehicle a brilliant finish and makes it look fully restored.

Autobrite Cherry Glaze Polish 500ml 664310

You can also find further car cleaning advice with our guide on how to clean your car exterior.

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And there you have the best ways to freshen up your car. By now, your vehicle should be looking flawless and smelling great, ready for those summer road trips!

Remember, if you want the best car cleaning products this summer, you want Halfords.