With lighter nights, flowers blooming and better weather on the horizon, it is time to prepare your bike for springtime. The chances are you haven’t ridden your bike properly for a few months and it is important to give your bike a full service before getting back on the saddle. Here’s some top tips on getting back on your bike for the sunny spring days.

Adjust your seat

It is important to check your seat before you start riding again. A loose seat can lead to an uncomfortable ride which isn’t good for any cyclist.

Looking for a stylish saddle? The Raleigh Fern features a high quality Selle Royal vintage brown saddle which gives a classic and timeless look to the bike.

Check your tyre pressure

All bike tyres lose air pressure if they have been sitting for a long time over winter. It is good to invest in an air pump with a wide base to stand on and large gauges that are easy to read. After you have checked your tyres it is good to develop and stick to a habit of regular check-ups. That way your tyres will always be the correct pressure every time you ride.

The Raleigh Evo-2 folding bike features 20-inch tyres which are the perfect size for commuting. When space is at a premium, the Raleigh Evo-2 is the perfect solution. The bike is easy to fold away and to take on the train or store in the boot of a car when commuting.

Check your brake pads

The next thing to check on your bike is the brake pads. By checking your brake pads, you will not only help prevent accidents but also help to improve your overall performance. If your brakes do need replacing, it is important that you change them as soon as possible and before you start riding again.

The Raleigh Felix is the do-it-all electric hybrid bike and features hydraulic disc brake levers. The Felix is capable of tackling commutes with ease and provides a comfortable option for leisurely weekend rides.

Invest in a bike

If the sunny weather is inspiring you to get outside and you are looking for an upgrade, why not treat yourself to a new bike? There are plenty of Raleigh bikes to choose from at Halfords, including the sophisticated and practical Raleigh Felix range of e-bikes and electric folding bike, the Raleigh Evo.

Whether you’re looking for an electric bike that can comfortably handle the daily commute or tackle a leisurely ride in the great outdoors, Raleigh Felix is the perfect all-round electric hybrid bike.

The powerful Bosch motor provides up to 4 levels of assistance to help with any challenges you might face on your ride, whilst the frame has been designed specifically for comfort.

The commuters folding electric bike, the Raleigh Evo is ideal for those who need to easily be able to transport or store their e-bike.

Capable of taking you to 30 miles in a single charge, the Evo will electrify your commute to work and can be taken pretty much anywhere.

There has never been a better time to explore the collection of high-quality Raleigh bikes this springtime at Halfords. For over 130 years, Raleigh continue to produce iconic bikes. Raleigh use technology and existing product knowledge to develop modern, innovative and stylish bikes.

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