There are lots of things to consider when choosing your next bike from Halfords, such as whether to go for hub gears or derailleurs? will help to explain the differences between hub gears and derailleurs, so you can decide on the most suitable type of bike for your lifestyle.

What are derailleur gears?

Derailleur gears are a variable-ratio transmission system used on bikes. These gears consist of a chain, multiple sprockets of different sizes, and a mechanism to move the chain from one sprocket to another.

What are the benefits of derailleur gears?

The benefits of multiple derailleur gears are that cycling becomes easier. You can keep pedalling at a comfortable rate whilst the rear wheel rotates faster or slower. This is particularly helpful when it is hilly or windy.

Derailleur gears are also lighter and means that the wheels weigh less. This means you will be able to accelerate faster with less effort. Because of the added efficiency and lighter weight, cyclists can cover more ground more quickly with derailleur gears.

The Raleigh Strada features derailleur gears and is a very versatile bike. Whether you are commuting, riding for leisure or popping to the shops the Strada will get you there comfortably and quickly.

What are the disadvantages of derailleur gears?

The disadvantage of derailleur gears is that they require more maintenance. In order to keep the gears running smoothly and efficiently, you must clean and degrease the chain and gears every few hundred miles.

The Raleigh Felix is well-worth the small amount of maintenance as it tackles commutes with ease and provides a comfortable option for leisurely weekend rides. The Felix is a fully equipped bike with mudguards, a pannier rack and a kickstand as well as featuring front suspension to make riding over mixed terrains more comfortable.

What is a hub gear?

A hub gear is a gear ratio changing system which is used on bikes. Hub gears are relatively low maintenance as all the moving parts are sealed within the unit.

What are the advantages of hub gears?

Generally, hub gears have a long-life span and are usually maintenance free. The advantage of a hub gear is that you can shift gears when stationary. Hub gears allow you to change the gears from top to bottom whilst motionless, which is useful for urban riders who want to change gears at traffic lights.

Another advantage is that the chain will last longer before needing to be cleaned or replaced. The chain can be completely enclosed in a chain case, which is useful for leisure riders who will limit the risk of getting oil marks on their clothes when cycling.

The Raleigh Felix+ is a premium electric hybrid bike with 7 speed hubs, and capable of tackling commutes with ease. The Felix+ comes fully equipped with mudguards, pannier rack, kickstand and integrated front lights.

What are the disadvantages of hub gears?

The disadvantage of hub gears is that they have a smaller range and the difference between the top and bottom gear is narrower.

Hub gears also aren’t as efficient as derailleur gears. However, the efficiency of hub gears tends not to deteriorate, and may even get better as the hub wears in.

The Raleigh Fern features hub gears and is the perfect bike for your weekend adventures. The Fern’s aluminium frame is light-weight, making the bike easy to manoeuvre and the comfortable upright riding position enables you to be more aware of your surroundings so you can enjoy riding your new bike safely and with confidence.

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