If you get to work or school by bike, it’s important to consider security as you don’t want your cycle commute to be ruined by bike thieves. Using a good bike lock is essential, but it’s also important to consider where and how you’re locking your bike.

British brand Hiplok is a leader in innovative, quality, cycle security. We asked Hiplok co-founder and product designer John Abrahams for some expert advice on how keep your bike protected.

Use a good quality lock

A good quality chain lock or D lock is essential when leaving your bike for any length of time. Look for the Sold Secure label. Sold Secure test and approve locks to different standards based on how long it takes to attack a lock and the tools required. Their Sold Secure Gold standard indicates that the lock can withstand tough attacks with the most advanced tools.

And this sounds obvious, but don’t cut corners – always take your lock with you. So many times bikes are stolen because the cyclist chose to make that one ride without a lock. Secure locks can be cumbersome, but Hiplok-patented wearable chains such as the Hiplock Gold Superbright or a lighter Silver rated D lock such as the Hiplock D are good options for a balance of security and portability

Position your lock

When locking up, try and position your lock so that it would be difficult for a thief to access or get tools inserted. For example a tight fit with a compact D lock or a chain lock tightly wound round the bike and locking post will be harder for a thief to access with tools. Also, the higher a chain lock is from the ground, the more difficult it will be to leverage tools to break.

Be seen and heard

Choose a well-populated location to lock your bike where bike thieves would be easily disturbed. If a thief thinks they’ll be easily seen and heard they’re less likely to target those areas in the first place. Avoid dark alleyways and if possible, look out for and secure your bike near a CCTV camera.

Consider what you’re locking to

When locking up, the lock itself is just one part of the equation. If the thing you’re locking to isn’t secure then your bike will be at risk. Dedicated bike hoops found in most towns and cities are ideal or choose something that is robust and securely fixed to the ground. Wire and mesh fences can easily be cut through and be careful of posts where thieves can simply lift your bike up over the top.

Don’t forget to secure your accessories

Bike thieves will target anything that isn’t locked down. Quick release wheels, lights and saddles should be secured or take them with you. Not only could you risk losing these items, but having easy-to-steal accessories on show will make your bike more noticeable to thieves. The Z Lok Combo is a great way to keep your accessories secured.

Secure your bike at home

Securing your bike while at work or school is key, but don’t forget to follow the same guidelines at home. Most bikes are actually stolen from homes (including sheds and outbuildings) so think about storage and security. A Gold Sold Secure Ground Anchor coupled with a chain lock is ideal. A good choice is the Hiplok ANKR, which is gold rated for bikes and motorbikes but has a unique design that means it can easily be relocated if you move or change your bike storage – different to many anchors which need to be permanently fixed.

There you have it, everything you need to know about keeping your bike safe and secure. Hiplock is here for all your cycle security needs and you can find a great selection of products at Halfords.com.