For years, Nextbase have been pioneers of in-car technology, with their range of dash cams giving drivers extra security and peace of mind.

Now, they’ve engineered the world’s first truly Smart Dash Cam, designed to increase your car’s intelligence – Nextbase iQ. The intuitive system utilises AI and advanced technology to give you its most comprehensive safety and security system yet, helping you to prevent incidents instead of reacting to them.

With both a front and a cabin camera, it comes with a host of premium features that you won’t find on other dash cams, to make looking after your car as easy as possible. For complete protection, you can also install the accompanying iQ rear camera to capture all the details, every time.

In this blog, we’ll talk you through the range of features and explain how best to use them.

LiveView: See what your car sees

Instead of having to wait and manually connect to your dash cam to see what’s happened around your car while you’ve been away from it, iQ gives you access whenever you want.

You can view your dash cam feeds instantly from the iQ app, in real-time, to see what your car’s seeing. Use it to put your mind at rest if you’re away from your vehicle for a long period of time, or you’ve parked somewhere unfamiliar. You can even set up custom alerts to notify you of any potential incidents immediately.

So, instead of finding out the full story from old footage after it’s happened, you can stop it from happening in the first place.

RoadWatch AI: Get clarity when you need it most

A big benefit of a dash cam is that it can act as an objective witness if you’re ever involved in a collision or you’re the victim of a fraudulent claim.

Nextbase iQ takes this to the next level – for the first time, AI technology gives you more facts to prove your version of events. The RoadWatch AI function can be applied to any of your recordings, front or back camera, to highlight the details.

It will classify road users, from cars and buses to pedestrians and cyclists, and track their movements on-screen. It will even estimate their speed and distance to give you the clearest picture possible and help to prove your side of the story.

SmartSense Parking: Be with your vehicle, even when you’re not

It can be daunting to leave your car in an unfamiliar place, even if you have a dash cam – while it might capture footage of an incident to show you what happened, there’s nothing it can do to prevent it.

The SmartSense Parking feature of the Nextbase iQ gives you the confidence that nothing will happen to your vehicle without you knowing. It uses Spatial Awareness technology and a custom-trained AI to automatically detect unusual activity near your car.

You’ll receive an instant notification, so you can check what’s happening for yourself. If it is something suspicious, you can intervene in real-time using your voice or the remote alarm to prevent anything further from happening.

Even better, you can customise the parameters to make SmartSense work for you – adjust the proximity sensitivity to take obstacles like footpaths into account, so you only get the notifications you need.

Witness Mode: Never be alone on the road

There are some situations as a driver that you’d rather not face on your own; an angry driver approaching your vehicle, or perhaps getting stopped by the police. With Witness Mode, you can make sure that you’re never without backup.

To activate it, just say “Start Witness Mode”. This will immediately start streaming your live video and audio to a chosen loved one, so they can see and hear what’s happening in real time.

Guardian Mode: Always be in the driving seat

Letting someone else drive your car can be daunting – whether that’s a vehicle technician, a valet driver, or even the kids learning to drive. With Guardian Mode, you can monitor whoever’s driving your vehicle, and make sure that they’re not abusing your trust.

Set limits on the speed or location parameters they can travel within. If they exceed these limits, iQ will send you an alert so you can access the footage and see for yourself. If you need to step in, you can talk to them through the app to put yourself back in the driving seat.

Emergency SOS: Calls for help when you can’t

No one wants to think about being involved in a road accident. But, if the worst does happen, you want to know that someone’s coming to help. If you’re not able to make the call yourself, iQ’s Emergency SOS functionality will step in.

If you – or whoever’s driving – are unresponsive after a detected collision, iQ will automatically send your GPS location and what3words data to emergency services. You can also store vital medical data with your iQ, such as your blood type or conditions like diabetes. The dash cam will send this information to the emergency services too, so you’ll get the right help for you.

Automated incident backup: Keep important information secure

The footage you capture, especially of collisions, accidents, or damage, is important. That’s why Nextbase iQ automatically tags any footage that it deems to include an incident, and then uploads it securely to the cloud for you.

Nextbase iQ subscription plans

The Nextbase iQ is a truly smart dash cam, and you can unlock its best features with a subscription plan.

As a Solo user, you won’t pay a subscription and you’ll have a dash cam that’s a level above the rest. But, to truly raise the iQ of your car you can opt for a Protect or Protect Plus plan to get access to the wider range of connected features.

For more information, you can check out our advice article detailing the features of each iQ subscription plan.

Nextbase iQ range

There are three models available:

iQ 1K: See all the key details in HD
iQ 2K: Make sure you don’t miss a moment with quad HD
iQ 4K: Crystal clear 4K sees everything you don’t, every time

There’s no better full-coverage solution to give you peace of mind and keep you and your car out of harm’s way. You can find the Nextbase iQ Smart Dash Cam range online, or head to your nearest Halfords store to talk more about it with one of our colleagues.