The best thing about motorcycling is being able to jump on and head off. However if your bike has been left standing for several weeks, then you may need to check out our blog to make sure you are ready for your next trip. Whether that means going out on an essential journey (or just adding a bit of excitement to your commute) there are a few things which can make life a bit easier!

Here are our top motorcycling accessories for bikers:

1. Full face motorcycle helmet

You probably already know that wearing a helmet whilst riding your motorbike is the law! All motorbike helmets have to meet minimum EU standards, and are tested by the ECE (Economic Commission for Europe), which rates the protection levels provided by helmets upon different types of impact.

Our MYX Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is designed to conform to motorcycle helmet safety standard ECE 22.05, the Full Face Motorcycle Helmet provides excellent protection and comfort, has an adjustable intake vent and rear exhaust vent, a quick release buckle and a removeable and washable liner.

2. Bike cleaner

To give your bike the shine it deserves, spend some time giving it a good clean. Muc-Off Motorcycle Cleaner is a top rated product using the latest nano technology to cut through all that dirt, oil and grime quickly. Simply spray on and wash off and be smug in the knowledge that not only will your bike be pristine but also that the Muc-Off Motorcycle Cleaner is non toxic and fully biodegradable.

Safe for use on all parts and surfaces (including carbon fibre) this specially designed formula does not harm seals, cables, brake pads or rotors.

3. Chain care

Looking after your bike chain is a really important part of your bike maintenance. A thorough clean using Muc-Off Motorcycle Chain Cleaner is a good place to start. The unique formula breaks down oil and grease to break down any dirt and evaporates quickly leaving no residue.

To give your chain maximum protection, treat it to some Muc-Off All Weather Chain Lube. It’s water repellent formula penetrates deep into the chain link creating a durable protective coating guarding against corrosion and metal to metal wear.

4. MagnumPlus Atlas Alarm Disc Lock 6mm Pin – Diecast

The MagnumPlus Atlas Alarm Disc Lock offers outstanding security in a small convenient size. It comes with a carry case and easily fits into the pocket meaning it is at hand to prevent drive away theft of your bike.

It has a double locking system and shock & movement sensors and a 6mm hardened steel locking pin. Plus, extra protection in a 120dB Alarm.

5. Yuasa YTX9-BS Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery

The Yuasa YTX9-BS Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery is a sealed battery that never needs refilling! It uses advanced technology for extra starting power which is also designed to last for longer. Spend less time worrying about your battery, and more time out on the open road!

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