Before you set off on your motorcycle after a long spell of it being off the road, follow our handy tips to ensure that it’s ready for that first ride.

1. Drain and treat the fuel tank

If your motorcycle contained fuel when you last used it, it would be wise to drain this as it may cause your bike to not start or run rough. Drain the fuel tank and then add Total Action Petrol Cleaner to your refilled tank to give the fuel system a total clean up, from the fuel tank to the exhaust pipe.

2. Change the oil

Experts advise you to change the oil before every motorcycle season. Your oil may have accumulated a build-up of condensation from lack of use. It’s good practise to change your filter at the same time – check your manual for the exact procedure for your motorcycle.

3. Check all fluids

Ensure that you check all the other fluids within your bike such as the hydraulic and brake fluids. Make sure any fluids that have sat for a while haven’t deteriorated and look clean.

4. Inspect the battery

You’ll almost definitely have to charge your motorcycle battery if you didn’t leave it on charge. Consider investing in a smart charger, which will automatically switch to a slow charging mode once the battery is fully charged, keeping it topped up but protecting it from overcharging damage. Once charged, test your battery and if it fails to hold charge then you’ll need to replace your battery.

5. Check the bulbs

Check that all the bulbs around your bike are working and replace any that aren’t.

6. Examine the controls

Before you ride, ensure you’ve checked all the controls, such as the steering, clutch and throttle. If anything doesn’t seem right, we’d advise you to have a mechanic examine any issues.

7. Clean and lubricate the chain (if the bike doesn’t have a drive belt)

Chains inevitably get dirty. Cleaning and lubricating your chain is a simple DIY motorcycle fix. Looking after your chain will improve efficiency and prolong chain and sprocket life. Tru Tension recommend you clean and lubricate a motorcycle chain every 200-300 miles. A good rule of thumb is to do it every 2-3 times you fill up with fuel. We have products that will make your job easier.

8. Ensure your brakes are clean

Your brakes are possibly one of the most important safety features on your bike. Check your brake pads are at least 1/8 inches thick. Then remove any dirt and contaminants using a brake cleaner like Muc-Off Motorcycle Disc Brake Cleaner.

9. Check your tyre pressure

Check both of your tyres have the recommended PSI. Your tyres will most likely have lost pressure during time out of action. Use our handy Digital Tyre Gauge to check them.

10. Leave the engine running

Last, but not least, let your engine run for a short while. This will allow you to hear any strange sounds and ensure that your engine can remain running when you need it to.

Following our handy hints will help you ensure your bike is ready for your road trips!