As car servicing is not a legal requirement, it can be tempting to forego a regular check to save money. However, there are a number of benefits to having a regular car service that can result in saving you money in the long term.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of having a regular car service and why it pays to go beyond what’s covered in an MOT.

What’s the difference between a car service and MOT?

An MOT is a legal requirement for vehicles that are more than three years old to assess whether a car is roadworthy. A car service, however, is a more comprehensive inspection of your vehicle, covering essential checks such as engine oil, fluid and coolant levels, and filter replacements.

How often should I get my car serviced?

How often you get your car serviced will depend on your mileage. For many motorists, a full annual service is recommended every year to ensure your vehicle is in top condition and to identify maintenance that can save you money in the long run. For high mileage vehicles, we would advise a major service is carried out every 2 years along with an interim service, which takes place every 6 months. Our major service option contains everything within the full service plus brake fluid and cabin filter replacements, worth over £100.

Why should I get my car serviced?

There are many advantages to having your car regularly serviced from peace of mind that everything is in order to saving money in the long term.

Improved road safety

Neglecting your car means that any potential defects will go undetected and could develop into a more serious issue further down the line. Having your car regularly serviced means that any issues can be identified and fixed, improving your overall safety levels when out on the road.

Reduced running costs

Regularly servicing your vehicle and having frequent fluid and filter changes will help your car run as smoothly as possible and is less likely to experience engine issues. As a result, there are unlikely to be unexpected costly repairs. A well-maintained vehicle also increases fuel efficiency, meaning fewer pounds spent at the pump.

Increased car value

Buyers are now expecting more from second-hand cars. Evidence of your vehicle’s service history shows future buyers that your vehicle has been well-maintained and is likely to increase the resale value. If your car has no service history at all, potential buyers have no documented evidence that your vehicle has been looked after which is likely to significantly reduce what they are willing to pay.

Reduced likelihood of breakdowns

If you fail to get your car serviced regularly, there could be a range of underlying problems that will go unnoticed and could result in a potential breakdown. Booking your regular car service will provide peace of mind that everything is in working order and the chances of your car breaking down suddenly are significantly reduced.

Extended car lifetime

It may seem obvious but looking after your car means that it’s likely to last longer. Regularly changing fluids and filters and checking key components improves the overall safety and smoothness of your vehicle. These inspections will help extend the lifetime of your car and keep it running for longer.

Protect your warranty

For new cars, it’s standard that your vehicle will require an annual service to protect the warranty as per manufacturer specifications.

Improved fuel efficiency

Ensuring your fluids are topped up and that the key car components are in full working order will help improve the fuel efficiency of your car. A vehicle that runs efficiently, teamed with smooth braking and acceleration will result in less fuel consumption.

We also offer a fuel efficiency bundle that you can add to your service which helps improve engine efficiency, reducing fuel costs as well as reducing exhaust emissions.

Failing to get your car serviced regularly to save money may seem like a good idea initially but it can lead to safety issues and more money being spent further down the line.

At Halfords, we have over 600 garages nationwide, so booking your service is easy and convenient. Simply head on over to our servicing page, select your local garage and a time to suit you and one of our experts will take a look.

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