If you haven’t heard, the Boardman Series 8 bikes are here!

Following the big success of the previous “performance” range,  Olympic gold medallist, Chris Boardman, has teamed up with Halfords once again to bring you a new collection of bikes focusing on one thing: “Exploring New Possibilities”.

From the newest bike technology to implementing the latest consumer insights, we’ve assembled all the important features and info you need to know about the new range of Boardman bikes before you buy.

Attention to detail that’ll get you pumped

Boardman Bikes have always been proud of their meticulous design. Each model is made to suit the style of riding it’s designed for, with the highest technical specification. Whether that means an SLR 8.9 Carbon for clocking up the miles efficiently and comfortably, an HYB 8.8 for the rigours of the daily commute, or an MHT 8.9 for all-day epics around the local trails, every bike gets the attention to detail that only Boardman bikes can provide.

A firm grip on the latest trends

As well as attention to detail, Boardman bikes are famous for being up to date with the newest trends in cycling as well as offering market leading value for money. This means staying in touch with cyclists out in the real world and looking at what people are using their bikes for.

While the 8 Series range has 32 brand new bikes, all with new tube profiles, geometries and designs, our new SLR 8.9 is perhaps the most radical and exciting of all the new Boardman bikes.

A frameset geared to please

For 2018, the Road Team Carbon frame is replaced by the SLR 8.9c. The Boardman Bikes team have taken the award-winning geometry and ride characteristics of the previous Road Team Carbon and blended them with professional level aerodynamic research to deliver an even better bike. We think this delivers the perfect balance of speed, lightweight and comfort – a real do it all bike.

The new SLR8.9 Carbon frame has been developed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling and now has tube profiles that significantly reduce drag. Effectively, SLR 8.9C Boardman bike buyers are getting the same ‘free speed’ that somebody buying a £6,000 top of the range Boardman bike would get. Happy days!

There’s a newly integrated seat clamp, while the seat stays are dropped to deliver rear end compliance. The fork design is also a fresh addition, and like the frame tubes, it benefits from aero profiling while still giving clearance for 28c tyres for those seeking extra comfort.

Whichever Boardman bike you go for, it’s worth remembering that very few manufacturers can combine an outstanding performance and the latest research for an affordable price like the 8 Series bikes.

Excited? If we’ve tempted you to buy one of our new Boardman bikes, don’t forget to send us your pictures on Instagram using the hashtags #Readyfor­ and mention us @halfords_uk for a chance to be featured in the Halfords Hall of Fame.