Keeping kids entertained while respecting social distancing advice involves some inspiration and perspiration. If you’ve got the space, a scooter assault course is a great idea to entertain your kids. In this in-depth guide, we describe how to create the ultimate garden scooter race tracks and assault courses, and provide some extra hints and tips to keep things interesting. Ready to ride? Then let’s go.  

 Figure of 8

The classic figure-of-eight track is the perfect practice run for your little ones. Start by sketching out a start/finish line. Next, place one cone, stones or anything else you’ve got to hand at around two metres from the start line and another a further two metres away. You can choose whether to set your rapid racers to complete a set number of laps or a simple out-and-back.

This basic course is ideal for those looking to master the art of scootering. If your child is starting out, then keep it short and simple. For older – or faster children, extend the course distance. To make it more fun, give them a task to complete at the end before they return back.

 Super slalom

A super slalom course will test the scooter-handling skills of the best. From your start line, set out a series of markers at regular intervals. The challenge here is for the rider to ride in and out of these markers. At the end of the course they turn around and come back – fastest one wins!

When your kids have this mastered, then make it more difficult by shortening the distance between the markers. This will sharpen their scooter-handling skills.

 Chalk circuit

If you’ve got some chalk and a big enough patio or driveway, it’s time to get creative by designing your own chalk racetrack. Create chicanes, hairpins and other challenging corners using your free-hand chalk drawing skills.

For some inspiration, check out some classic F1 course. Use the obstacles in your garden to add some peril to the pathway.

 Hose course

A garden hose makes a great race guide for more elaborate race tracks. You’re only limited by your imagination – and the length of your hose. From your chalked out start-line, unravel your garden hose in any direction you choose, creating a twisty-twirly track that will challenge any rider.

You can make the course longer by adding another length of pipe. Don’t have a hosepipe? You can use any old rope or garden twine to detail the course.

 Off-road adventure

Rugged off-road scooters perform as well on the road as they do of it, so create the ultimate off-road adventure course. If you’re feeling dangerous spray some water on the lawn to create your own muddy masterpiece. Vary the road surface between dirt and driveway to give an extra challenge.

Add some interference by intermittently shooting a jet of water onto the course – and the rider! (If you’re feeling mean.)


If you’re old enough to remember Kickstart, you’ll love seeing your scooter riders tackle a course that’s full of obstacles. Raid the shed, garage or loft and find some old junk that can be transformed into fun items to jump over, balance on, or avoid.

Disused drain pipes make outstanding obstacles to bunny hop over. Two planks of wood laid in parallel will test handling and depth perception. Vary levels by building some makeshift ramps. Tape out a section and see how long the rider can stay static. Use your imagination to create the ultimate assault course!

 Are you judging on speed or style?

As a parent, you’re the independent adjudicator – so decide whether you’re choosing the winner on style or speed. You can judge simply on time taken to navigate the course or give extra points for jumps and tricks. Whatever you do, make the rules clear and straightforward to avoid confusion or combat.

While you can use a stopwatch to record times, using the video camera on your phone will avoid any arguments. Embarrassing falls can be replayed on rainy days.


Whatever course you create, before letting your little ones loose, make sure that their scooter is safe to ride. Also a helmet is a must, check out our fitting guide to make sure you are protecting heads from any potential falls. For more great scooter ideas, visit the Halfords website where you’ll find information and advice to get the most fun from your two-wheeled adventures.