Want to make the most of those early hours of daylight?

The clocks going back may mean a darker end to your working day, but it does also open up a whole host of opportunities in the morning too. After all, the early bird catches the worm.

Here are our top four things to do in the morning this winter when time is on your side.

Ride your bike!

Are you a keen cyclist? Just think: if you get the same amount of sleep, you’ll be up an hour ‘earlier’ than normal, making the roads quieter!

This means you’ll be able to sneak in a long ride in the morning before everyone else is up, and be back in time for breakfast.

Have some fun with the kids

We might be heading into winter, but you can still get outside and have some fun! Take your kids to the local park with some ride-on toys and make the most of the light, or teach them how to ride a bike before it gets too cold out.

Get ready for some DIY

Feeling handy? After a summer of having a garden to care for and working outside, your garage or shed might look a bit like a hurricane in a garden centre, with lawnmowers, tools and car cleaning kit all over the place.

But as the weather starts to change, you may have to actually start getting things done inside instead of using it as an oversized ‘man/woman-drawer’!

For starters, why not invest in some tool cabinets, refresh your selection of tools and have a clear out so you can get on with some DIY.

Get prepared for winter

Make the most of a lighter morning by preparing your car for colder and darker conditions later in the evening.

Or if you don’t have enough time, pop into your nearest Halfords for a Free 5-Point Winter Car Check. As well as taking a look at your battery, wiper blades and windscreen condition, we can help you find exactly the right bulbs for your car in a jiffy, and fit them for you too (for a small fee).

Or upgrade to our  10-Point Car Check for even greater peace of mind. Book online today and have peace of mind that your vehicle is in tip-top condition this winter.

halfords winter check

We hope you put your extra hour to good use!

If you want to keep moving this winter, you want Halfords.