Are you ready for winter driving?

The truth is, when the sun takes his hat off and Jack Frost comes out to play, breakdowns are usually more commonplace in the UK.

Whether it’s down to a faulty car battery or an icy road causing you to crash, you should always be prepared for winter’s worst.

To help you with this, here are our top six winter driving tips, designed to keep you safe and sound on the road.

Select the right tyres

As we’ve previously covered, winter tyres are a safe solution to give you extra grip during the winter months.

However, if changing them simply isn’t affordable, you could invest in snow chains or socks to attach to your vehicle wheels.

At least with these, you can apply them yourself and reuse them for years to come.

Check your lights, mirrors and windows

According to rule 229 of the Highway Code, all lights, windows and mirrors must be clear of snow and ice before you start driving.

You should also make sure that your number plate is visible or you could face penalty points if you’re caught.

For a quick way to remove ice from your vehicle, stock up on Halfords Trigger De-Icer.

Give yourself more space

When the roads are icy, stopping distances can be around 10 times longer than they would on a normal dry road during the summer.

To put this into context, that’s 120 metres extra to stop when you’re only travelling at 20 mph!

And it’s not much better when it’s raining too – with it taking at least 46 metres to stop when driving at 30 mph.

Be safe by travelling at a slower speed and giving yourself more room between the vehicle in front of you.

Listen to the traffic

When the roads are foggy, mute your music and wind your window down to listen to incoming traffic at key junctions. As your vision won’t be as clear, it’s important to take this extra precaution.

If you’re unsure on when to use fog lights, take a look at our handy guide here.

Don’t forget the impact of spraying

When the rain is pouring, you’ll often find a lot of spraying from other cars impacting your vision in front. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that your wipers are in working order.

Key signs to look out for are smudging and smearing. If your windscreen wipers are doing this, you should change them immediately.

Topping up your vehicle with Halfords -10 Ready Mixed Screenwash will also give you the ability to clear any dirt and grit from your windscreen too.

Unsure whether your wipers need replacing or not? Then read this quick blog.

Look out for cyclists

Just because it’s usually darker outside when you drive to and from work, doesn’t mean that there won’t be any keen cyclists on their bikes.

While most sensible people will have the right bike lights, there’s still a chance someone won’t. Don’t take any unnecessary risks – reduce your speed in low-lit areas.

You should also double-check your blind spots whenever you’re moving away from a junction or a standing position too.

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