What’s on your little one’s Christmas list this year? A Paw Patrol toy? An L.O.L Surprise?

Whatever it may be, it can be frustrating when you spend a lot of money on a cool present, only to see that it’s been ‘shelved’ a few weeks later.

That’s where kids bikes and scooters come in. Whether you choose a Disney Princess Kids Bike, U-Move LED Scooter or Apollo Outrage Kids Bike, unlike a lot of other Christmas gifts, they can be enjoyed all year round.

To help illustrate this point, here are a few reasons how to get the most out of this awesome present.

Get involved

If you want to keep your child active and enjoying their new bike or scooter, why not get involved yourself?

Sometimes all a kid needs is a little bit of encouragement. So if you’re right by their side exploring the great outdoors, they should be more up for the challenge come rain or shine.

Need to kit yourself out? Then take a look at our range of adult cycling equipment and bikes.

Free lifetime safety checks

One of the main benefits of buying a kids bike or scooter from Halfords is the fact that you get a lifetime of safety checks for free.

Simply take it into your nearest Halfords store with your receipt and one of our team will thoroughly check it to make sure that it’s in a good condition and safe to use.

Top maintenance options

For added peace of mind, you can even pay a bit extra for various service and maintenance packages, including:

  • Bronze/silver/gold service
  • Cable brake service
  • Hydraulic brake service
  • Gear service
  • Drivetrain service

Prices start from only £18 and will give you the cover to make sure your kid can enjoy their present for years to come.

Or to avoid unwanted tears, you can even bring their bike or scooter in for several repair jobs too like tyre replacement, hub servicing, spoke replacement, chain or cassette fitting and much more.

Explore the UK

Another way to make sure that your little one continues to use their new set of wheels is to give them the opportunity to explore some of the best traffic-free cycling routes around the UK.

Simply secure yours and your kid’s bike to the roof of your car using a quality bike rack and head off to a new destination.

Just don’t forget to pack a snack for the journey.

Need a hand picking a kids bike? Then you may find our previous blog useful: ‘4 steps to finding the perfect kids bike’.

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