When the summer arrives, it’s important to be prepared for every situation. While stocking up on food for multiple BBQs and lathering your body with Factor 50 are smart choices, you shouldn’t forget about the car essentials too.

Just like we have for winter, we’ve assembled an essential list of things to keep in your car so you’re ready for your next summer adventure.

Lightweight coat

With the weather in the UK often very unpredictable, be prepared by packing a few lightweight coats in your car.

Storing one in the boot will also prove very useful if your car ever breaks down or when you fancy a spontaneous cycling trip in the countryside.

The Halfords Waterproof Jacket is perfect for adventures. It’s lightweight design and waterproof seams mean you can stay dry without feeling like you’re carrying a 20kg weight on your back. This waterproof jacket is also compact and neat, making it simple to pack away in your car.

Picnic blanket

Summer often leads to a few spontaneous picnics. So to avoid the “D’oh” moment when you arrive at your chosen destination, always pack a picnic blanket in your car.

This car essential can be used for late sunset picnics, stargazing at the park or even play-time for the kids in the garden.

For portability and practicality, we recommend the Halfords Waterproof Tartan Picnic Blanket. Not only can it be rolled and easily transported, but it has a waterproof backing to cope with early morning dew as well.

Road atlas

Our next car essential is a real blast from the past for many. In a world of technology, the road atlas has taken a bit of a back seat.

However, if you run out of data or can’t get any signal on your sat nav, you could find yourself in a spot of bother. The AA Euro Travel Kit PLUS is a useful thing to keep in your car for emergencies and comes in a handy map to fit into your glovebox.

The good news is that you don’t have to be Bear Grylls to make sense of it either, as it has a clear four miles to one-inch scale and is geographically labelled for ease.

Bottle of water

Before setting off on your next summer road trip, always remember to pack at least one bottle of water in your car. This car essential will keep you hydrated in the blistering heat.

If you want something to store your H2O in, the Halfords 700ml Water Bottle is great value for money.

All weather windscreen shield

Getting into your car on a hot summer day can feel like you’re entering an oven! To help prevent this, try investing in a Halfords All Weather Windscreen Shield. It’s designed to keep the car cooler by reflecting the suns rays.

The good news is that this car essential can be used in the winter months too, as it helps to prevent a build-up of snow and ice.

Power bank

Spending all day using your phone taking snaps of all your great adventures can really drain its battery. That’s why you should always include a power bank in your car essentials for that extra boost of charge.

The Halfords Solar Power Bank uses the sun to charge your smartphone two to three times from flat, while on the go! It’ll cover you in times of emergency and ensure you never miss a picture opportunity when you are out and about enjoying the summer months.

Get ready for summer

As well as car essentials, you should also consider taking your ride in for a free car check at Halfords. We’ll check everything from your oil levels and air conditioning to battery and windscreen wipers. You can find out more here.

We also offer a free car check all year round, so you’re ready for your next adventure at any point.

Did we miss anything off our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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