The weather’s getting warmer, the sunlight hours are getting longer, and that means we can spend more time outside enjoying our surroundings. But how can you fill those outside hours, get in some relaxation time and help the kids to burn off some energy? Well, we’ve come up with a list of outdoor activities for you and your family to enjoy this spring and summer.

1. Take the games outdoors

You’ve probably got plenty of boardgames in the toy cupboard that can still be played outside and with more space and better weather, you could also ‘up your game’ and go for something bigger!

How about challenging the kids to build an obstacle course with what’s around the garden, or build a den? Treasure hunts are also a great way to keep them busy looking for clues inside and out with the promise of a finder’s reward at the end. And, if it’s really warm, nothing wears them out more than a run around with the sprinkler or hose.

2. Sleep under the stars

After a day of fun activity, how about pitching a tent and tucking up your tired-out little ones in their sleeping bags? Camping in the back garden is such a big adventure for kids and you get more of an evening to yourself but know they’re close by and safe. Midnight snack anyone?

3. Train an assistant gardener

With all this time being spent in the garden, it might need some extra TLC so it’s a great time to enlist some help. Children love gardening, especially as they can get nice and messy with the soil! There are also lots of things to teach them about the plants you have, what needs to be looked after and how.

You can even plant some seeds together as a project for them to look after and watch some flowers, plants or herbs grow.

4. Let your wild side out

If they’re feeling creative, but have become bored with colouring-in, then creating some wild art outside is a great way to develop kids’ imaginations and keep them occupied.

Set them a challenge to create some art from things around the garden. This might be sticks, earth, rocks, fallen flowers – anything that you’re okay with them using. You could give them a theme or a word to help them get started.

If you really let them go for it, you could have a major art installation appear in your back garden!

5. Eat alfresco

Picnics are an obvious way of expanding your world from inside to out and are perfect for slowing some of the chaos down and bringing everyone together.

Get the kids to help design and make a picnic menu for everyone and then assist you with presenting the food. You want to involve them as much as possible because picnics are a good way to teach children responsibility and self-sufficiency for later in life.

6. Boogie on down

If it’s becoming a bit of a sluggish day, turn on your favourite tunes and enjoy an outdoors family disco!

Dancing and moving the body helps shake things up a little and improves everyone’s mood. Don’t forget about your neighbours though or maybe they’ll join in from their side of the fence!

7. Wildlife watch

Life gets so busy that we often don’t know what or who else we’re sharing our backyard with. Birds, bugs and animals are all to be seen if you take the time to spot them and it’s a great opportunity for more learning about nature and being kind to our surroundings.

Once you’ve got more familiar with your wildlife chums you can even help them out by building them a new home – a worm hotel, a bird house, or a hedgehog spa maybe?

And there you have it: seven ways to help keep your kids entertained and spend time together as a family as we move towards the summer. For all your camping and staycation needs, remember to head on over to