Our thoughts are turning to tyres this October as we celebrate and promote Tyre Safety Month. But what actually is this Tyre Safety Month and what can you do to keep your tyres in tip-top condition? We’ve got all the answers and more.

What is Tyre Safety Month?

Tyre Safety Month has taken place every October since 2010. The annual event sees our friends at TryeSafe promoting the importance of looking after your tyres, and highlighting the dangers that uninflated, damaged or worn out tyres can bring.

What’s the focus of the Tyre Safety Month 2020 campaign?

The 2020 campaign covers all three key areas of routine tyre maintenance: Air pressure, Condition, and Tread depth (ACT). It aims to encourage motorists to check their tyres at least once a month every month, and also before making a long journey.

The creative theme of the campaign adapts classic film posters and you can see their promo video below.

Who organises Tyre Safety Month?

Tyre Safety Month is the brainchild of TyreSafe, a UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of the important of tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective and illegal tyres. The charity was formed in 2006 and so far its activities have helped to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured each year in a tyre-related accident by an impressive 46%.

TyreSafe’s work is supported by many areas of industry including most major tyre manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, and vehicle manufacturers. The charity has become an authority on tyre safety issues and we’re proud to be supporting them at Halfords.

How can I check that my tyres are safe?

We’re glad you asked! There are actually lots of things you can do – and lots of things we can help you with.

First off, let’s talk about air pressure. Underinflated or overinflated tyres can affect handling, so having the right air pressure is pretty crucial. A tyre pressure gauge is an easy way to get an accurate pressure reading and inflating your tyres is something anyone can do. Your vehicle’s handbook should list the correct pressure settings for your tyres.

Second is the condition of your tyres. You’ll need to get up close and personal for this. You’ll want to be on the look out for any cuts, splits or nicks, and also any glass, nails or screws that might have become imbedded in the rubber and could cause a puncture in the future. Make sure you check your spare tyre too so that it’ll be ready and waiting if you need it.

Finally, it’s the turn of tread depth. While you can do the old 20p trick (where you pop a 20p into your tread and then, if you can see the outer band of the coin face at any point, this shows your tyre tread is too narrow), we recommend using a more precise measuring method. A tyre depth gauge will help here, or you can pop into one of our autocentres for some expert advice.

How can Halfords help me to keep my tyres safe?

We’re here to offer advice on any of the points we’ve listed in the previous section. Our Free Tyre Check is the best starting point as that’ll identify any issues that need fixing, before one of our expert technicians talks you through the solutions that are available.

Another option is our 10-Point Winter Car Health Check, which also covers the condition of components such as your headlights, brake lights, batteries and wiper blades. Both are available at Halfords autocentres UK-wide (the Winter Car Health Check is also available at Halfords stores).

If it turns out that you need replacement tyres, we can support you there too through our Halfords autocentres or mobile expert service. For more information about how to maintain, clean and replace your tyres, check out this article.

You don’t want to get caught out this October. You want to make sure your tyres are in a good condition and will keep you safe on the roads.

You want Halfords.