It’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time. Well, maybe not just yet but going on all the festive accessories that have started to appear in the shops, it’s definitely on its way.

Whether you are a fan of Christmas or not, if you’ve got littl’uns in the house you’ll want to make it a special time. Even for those larger littl’uns. One of the best bits about Christmas has to be watching those shining eyes open their presents, especially if it’s a shiny new bike or scooter. And, there’s nothing worse than the surprise being ruined because your lacklustre attempt at hiding it behind a duster in the garage wasn’t good enough. Oh, the disappointment!


So, where are the best places to get that prezzie on wheels hidden? It’s time to plan ahead and get that bike or scooter hidden and hidden well!



If you’re considering a hiding spot in the garage, just make sure you do a good job of hiding it so any curious small people don’t stumble across it. If you’ve got some beams you could winch it up on a rope and secure it safely. Most of us don’t tend to look up so it could be sitting up there quite comfortably, hiding in plain sight until the big reveal.



A shed can be really handy as you can padlock the door so no-one is getting in for a snoop no matter how much they want to. If there’s a window it might be wise to cover it with some material to shield the content from prying eyes. Throw some tarpaulin over the bike and no-one will be the wiser!



Getting a bike up into the loft might not be the easiest depending on your access but you’ll know for sure that your surprise is secure if you can manage it. A much easier option if you’re gifting a balance bike or a scooter and you could always time it with getting the Christmas decorations down!


Under the stairs

If you’re lucky enough to have a reasonably sized under the stairs cupboard, with a bit of a re-shuffle, you can sneak in a child’s bike and camouflage it with all the usual stuff that we tend to keep in there. It might even encourage a bit of a clear out!


Under the bed

Let’s face it, how often does your teenager look under their own bed?! Enter at own risk though…

It’s also the perfect spot to tuck away a scooter or balance bike for younger children who have still to discover secret places in their bedrooms. Sometimes the most obvious places are the best!


Out of the house

A friendly neighbour willing to lend you some space in their garage can be a big help at Christmas and you can relax knowing there’s no chance your prezzie will be discovered until it’s time. Or, you could have your purchase delivered to another family member who’s joining you for Christmas and happy to be the delivery person for the day


Have fun finding your best hiding spot!