Easter is the perfect time to do the things that matter to you, whether you’re heading off on a big family holiday, treating your precious car to some much-needed TLC, or finally getting around to that list of jobs around the house.

But Easter falls early this year and it’s easy to lose track of time – then before you know it, Easter is right around the corner and you’re not prepared. To stop that from happening, we’re launching the Halfords Big Easter Sale, with up to 20% off motoring essentials.

There are also some Halfords Motoring Club-exclusive deals to help our members save even more – and thankfully, it’s quick and easy (and free!) to join so you don’t miss out either.

Take a look at some of our top deals to help you get ready for Easter:

10% off all tyres when you buy two or more

With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, you’re likely to be heading out in the car more often. To help you get prepped for your Easter days out, we’re giving you 10% off ANY tyre when you buy two or more. We’d always recommend replacing tyres in pairs, so they wear evenly and keep an equal rolling resistance.

Now is the perfect time to replace your winter tyres in favour of a lighter summer or all-season tyre in preparation for Easter and spring adventures. Plus, if you’re tread depth is creeping under the 2mm mark, it’s probably time to get some replacements to ensure you have plenty of grip on the road.

If it is time for new tyres, then Halfords is here to help. Our Halfords Mobile Experts can come to you on your driveway or at work to change your tyres, so you don’t have to worry about getting to a garage. Or, if you need them done quickly, we offer same-day fitting at selected garages.

Halfords Motoring Club Exclusive: 20% off a roof bar solution when you buy a roof box

If there’s one thing every road trip or holiday always needs, it’s more room in the car. And now, our Motoring Club members can save on a complete storage overhaul!

With 20% off a roof bar solution when you buy a roof box, you’ll have all the space you need for everyone’s luggage, at a great price. Find options from big brands like Thule, Halfords, and more.

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20% off a range of Halfords Advanced lifting

Some free time over Easter means time for some car tinkering, which is sure to be made easier with 20% off a range of Halfords Advanced lifting equipment.

Whether it’s routine maintenance or essential repairs, there’s plenty of kit to help. The Halfords Advanced 3T Low Profile Trolley Jack with Pad can lift up to 3 tonnes, and is perfect for cars with low chassis, while the Halfords Advanced 2 Tonne Ratchet Axle Stands can be set to 9 different height positions depending on your needs.

Up to 20% off a range of Nextbase Dash Cams

Many Easter breaks involve a road trip or two, exploring both the local offerings and some beauty spots further afield.

To keep your car safe both home and away, there’s up to 20% off a range of Nextbase dash cams. Get a clear recorded view from the front windscreen, rear window, and even the cabin with Nextbase’s range of cameras.

The Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam is a great option, with 1440p HD image quality and built-in Alexa. Attach an add-on rear-view camera or cabin-view camera, and you’ve got the ultimate security set-up.

Halfords Motoring Club Exclusive: Up to 20% off a range of Karcher

It’s your lucky day, Motoring Club members! Easter and spring cleaning often go hand-in-hand, so we’ve got everything you need to get your cars, driveways, and outdoor spaces sparkling with up to 20% off a range of Karcher products.

The best-selling Karcher K4 Power Control Pressure Washer is the perfect tool for all kinds of cleaning jobs, with adjustable pressure settings and a variety of lances to suit your needs. It’s great for cleaning vehicles, bikes, garden tools, outdoor furniture, hot tubs, gutters, and more, so you can tackle all these jobs with one bit of kit.

We’ve also got a range of Karcher accessories to give you the ultimate personalised clean. Trying to get the kids involved in making cleaning fun? Grab the Karcher Pressure Washer Foam Spray Nozzle and get them to lather the cars in foam.

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£45 Halfords Advanced Car Cleaning Bucket Bundle

For car enthusiasts, Easter is a chance to scrub your wheels, darken your trims, and get your paintwork sparkling. And with our beloved Halfords Advanced range available in a handy bucket bundle deal, you’ll have your car pristine in no time.

Alongside a handy 20-litre bucket and grit guard, you’ll get 6 of our best and most beloved Advanced car cleaning products, to give you that showroom finish, right on your driveway.

Halfords Advanced 20L Clear Bucket
Halfords Grit Guard
Halfords Advanced Upholstery Cleaner 500ml
Halfords Advanced Reactive Wheel Cleaner 500ml
Halfords Advanced Glass Cleaner 500ml
Halfords Advanced Performance Shampoo 500ml
Halfords Advanced Quick Detailer 500ml
Halfords Advanced Tar & Glue Remover 500ml

Whether you’re clearing the worst of the winter salt and road spray from your paintwork with the Performance Shampoo or restoring your interior fabrics with the Upholstery Cleaner, Halfords Advanced has everything you need to prepare your car for Easter journeys.

20% off a range of Halfords Advanced Screwdriver Sets and Metal Storage

Whether you’re tinkering under the bonnet or cracking on with an ever-growing list of fixes, Halfords has got you covered. We’ve got 20% off a range of Halfords Advanced Screwdriver Sets to get your toolbox topped up well before Easter arrives.

The Halfords Advanced 33-piece Screwdriver & Bit Set contains six types of bit, so you can be sure you’ve got the right tools for every job. Our Advanced screwdrivers are built to last, with a notched metal rod that goes further into the handle to reduce the chance of it coming loose.

Many of our smaller sets are portable too, so you can take them with you on any Easter holidays to tackle quick fixes and adjustments easily.

There’s 20% off a range of Halfords Advanced Metal Storage too, so you know you’ve got plenty of room for all your new gear once it arrives.

Get 5% off motoring products and services

Don’t forget, you can use your Halfords Motoring Club Premium discount on all of our Easter motoring offers. Yep, that’s an extra 5% off all our motoring products and services on top of the Easter deals.

Still not a Premium member of the Motoring Club? You’re missing out on exclusive member pricing on top of our other offers and discounts, as well as a host of other benefits. Head over to Halfords.com to sign up or upgrade today.

So, those are some of our favourite deals to get you prepped for Easter, but you’ll find even more irresistible offers online and in-store in the Halfords Big Easter Sale.