If you’re looking for an affordable getaway in the UK, camping is an excellent option. It’s generally much more inexpensive than a holiday abroad and more cost-effective than other forms of staycation accommodation.

If you’re looking to keep camping costs as low as possible, there are a variety of ways to help save money on your trip. Keep reading to discover some top tips for camping on a budget to help you get away for less.

Borrow camping equipment

You don’t necessarily need to buy all new camping gear. Ask family and friends if they have equipment that they are happy to lend you to help keep costs low. If you don’t go camping very often, or it’s your first time giving it a go, this is a particularly handy option. However, if you find yourself getting the camping bug, it’s best to buy yourself some new good quality items that will last in the long term.

Share camping equipment

If you’re going camping in a large group, see what camping accessories and equipment everybody else has. This can save you from buying duplicate items and wasting money. It also ensures that everyone has everything they need.

Buy camping equipment out of season

If you buy camping equipment during peak season (around April – August), you are likely to pay a higher amount than if you purchase outside of this period. During the colder months, you’ll often find sales and discounts on camping gear, so keep your eyes peeled for those hot deals!

Use cookware and bedding from home

Sometimes, there’s no need to buy brand-new camping accessories or equipment when everyday home items will do. For your camping meals, you can easily bring cookware and cutlery from home and to keep warm at night, usual bedding and blankets will do the trick.

Plan camping meals

Rather than eating out every night or buying from the campsite shop, cooking your own camping meals is a simple way to help reduce camping costs. Having a meal plan for the duration of your trip will ensure you have everything you need. Cooking in batches is a great way to keep everyone fed without the hassle. Cooking on the campsite is also a fantastic way of bringing everyone together and socialising each day.

Budget campsites

It goes without saying, but campsites with fancy facilities are going to be much more expensive than basic campsites. Choosing a farmer’s field with minimal facilities is a much better option if you’re looking to camp on a budget. Budget campsites can cost as little as £8 per night, while campsites with all the bells and whistles can be around £50 per night, so consider what facilities your feel are essential and what you can do without.

Camping off-season

Another obvious point, but camping during peak seasons such as the school summer holidays are going to be much more expensive than camping during low season. If you’re looking to go camping with kids, this may be unavoidable, but where possible it’s a good idea to go during less popular periods.

Camp close to home

Travelling hours away from home will mean spending more money on petrol or train fares. Choosing a camping destination that is not too far away is an easy way to reduce travel costs. Picking somewhere that is around an hour away from home is a good opportunity to experience somewhere a bit further afield but reduces the amount you spend on travel.

Avoid tourist areas

Tourist hotspots are always much more expensive than lesser-known destinations that are off the beaten path. Do some research to discover what options are available in your chosen area and try to steer clear of the most popular areas if you can. If it means walking or driving a little further to certain attractions, you’ll get to see more of the area!

Write a camping checklist

To ensure you have everything you need for your trip, create a camping checklist. You’ll be able to tick off what you have and see if there’s anything outstanding. As a result, you’re less likely to forget anything and have to panic buy items while you’re away.

That concludes our tips for camping on a budget. By following these steps you’ll be able to have a much-needed break without having to spend a fortune.

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